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GED Testing Areas


  • part one—50 questions—75 minutes
  • part two—essay—45 minutes

Social Studies

  • 50 questions—70 minutes


  • 50 questions—80 minutes


  • part one (calculator)—25 questions—45 minutes
  • part two ( without calculator)—25 questions—45 minutes


  • 40 questions—65 minutes

To complete the GED examinees must achieve a minimum score of 410 on each test and a minimum total score of 2,250 on the entire battery.

Constitution Test Requirement

The State of Illinois requires all persons who receive a high school or GED diploma to pass the Constitution test. Those who did not meet this requirement while in high school must take a Constitution test administered by the GED Testing Center. Of 60 questions, 30 must be answered correctly in order to pass.  There is no time limit but testing is usually completed in one hour. Examinees who fail the Constitution examination can retest at no cost.

If you passed the Constitution test in high school or another institution you will need an official letter written on letterhead from the school or institution. It must include the following:

  • your complete name, birth date, and social security number
  • statement saying you completed the Constitution test on a certain date
  • signature of a school/institution staff member
  • embossed seal on the letter

It must be mailed directly to the GED Testing Center at Kishwaukee College or brought to the Center in a sealed envelope from the high school or institution.

About GED Testing

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GED Testing Center

To make a testing appointment contact Tricia Hernandez at 815-825-2086, ext 3111.


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