Men's Basketball Schedule

2014-15 Season

Oct. 4 Saturday University of Northern Iowa Jamboree Cedar Falls, IA. TBD  
Oct. 12 Sunday Elgin College Jamboree Elgin, IL. TBD  
Oct. 18 Saturday Kishwaukee Triangular Scrimmage Malta, IL TBD  
Oct. 25 Saturday Rock Valley College Jamboree Rockford, IL. TBD  
Nov. 1 Saturday Moraine Valley Away 3:00 pm WON 97-75
Yashua Trent 17pts 9rebs 10asts
Shaquille Francis 18pts 11rebs 5asts
Harris 15pts 8rebs 2blks
Starks 14pts 6rebs 2stls
Roberst 12pts 5rebs
Nov. 6 Thursday Trinity Christian JV Home 7:30 pm WON 89-52
Starks 20pts 7rebs 3asts 3stls
Francis 13pts 12rebs 2asts 3blks
Harris 14pts 10rebs 3asts 2blks
Williams 12pts 5rebs 3asts 3stls
Burns 12pts 3rebs 2asts
Nov. 8 Saturday Wright Home 3:00 pm WON 82-70
Trent 22pts 10asts 6stls
Francis 18pts 11rebs 2asts
Starks 11pts 9rebs 3stls
Nov. 11 Tuesday College of DuPage Home 7:30 pm WON 81-63
Starks 31pts 10rebs 3asts 4 stls
Trent 15pts 8rebs 9asts 4stls
Drury 9pts 8rebs
Harris 8pts 8rebs 3asts 2blks
Nov. 15 Saturday Harper Away 1:00 pm WON 79-71
Francis 16pts 17rebs 2ast 2blks
Starks 13pts 6rebs 1blk
Trent 13pts 7rebs 9asts 2stls
Harris 11pts 6rebs 1blk
Drury 11pts 6rebs 2stls
Nov. 18 Tuesday Elgin Home 7:30 pm WON 73-56
Harris 18pts 8rebs 1blk
Francis 14pts 12rebs 2stls
Trent 13pts 8rebs 11asts 1stl
Drury 10pts 4rebs
Nov. 22 Saturday Lake County Home 3:00 pm WON 76-40
Francis 23pts 14rebs 3blks 5stls
Starks 14pts 6rebs 6asts 6stls
Harris 10pts 8rebs 2blks 3stls
Drury 9pts 7rebs
Trent 9pts 6rebs 6asts 3stls
Nov. 25 Tuesday McHenry Away 7:15 pm Won 94-68
Burns 20pts 2stls
Francis 12pts 11rebs 4asts 2blks
Harris 17pts 8rebs 4blks
Carter 11pts 3rebs 2asts
Trent 8pts 10asts 4stls
Nov. 29 Saturday Prairie State Home 3:00 pm WON 106-68
Harris 17pts 4rebs
Starks 20pts 3rebs 2asts
Drury 13pts 7rebs
Trent 12pts 11asts 5rebs
Burns 12pts 2stls
Dec. 2 Tuesday Rock Valley Away 7:30 pm WON 89-63
Starks 29pts 5rebs 2assts
Francis 16pts 8rebs 1ast
Trent 16pts 11rebs 6asts 4stls
Harris 12pts 9rebs 2asts
Drury 4pts 8rebs
Dec. 6 Saturday Oakton Away 3:00 pm WON 110-80
Starks 24pts 11rebs 5asts 2stls
Trent 13pts 5rebs 10asts 2stls
Drury 18pts 1blk
Roberts 11pts 5rebs 1ast
Francis 10pts 1reb 2blks
Dec. 9 Tuesday Waubonsee Away 7:30 pm WON 80-65
Starks 16pts 7rebs 3blks
Trent 14pts 4rebs 11asts 3stls
Williams 12pts 7rebs 3asts 1blk
Harris 12pts 7rebs 2asts 7blks
Drury 10pts 2rebs 3blks
Francis 10pts 2rebs 3asts 1stl 1blk
Dec. 13 Saturday Morton Away 3:00 pm L 86-85
Francis 23pts 8rebs 1blk
Starks 22pts 7rebs 2stls
Harris 14pts 6rebs 2blks
Drury 8pts 6rebs
Dec. 18 Thursday Triton Away 7:00 pm L 108-107 (2OT)
Trent 36pts 9rebs 11asts 8stls
Starks 21pts 9rebs 2blks 2stls
Carter 14pts 3rebs
Harris 8pts 10rebs 2blks
Dec. 20 Saturday Olive-Harvey Home 3:00 pm WON 97-78
Trent 29pts 6rebs 7asts 4stls
Harris 21pts 8rebs 5blks
Drury 11pts 5rebs 2stls
Francis 8pts 11rebs 2asts
Starks 10pts 4rebs 3asts 2stls
Jan. 3 Saturday Madison College (WI) Home 3:00 pm WON 75-65
Harris 17pts 12rebs 4blks 2stls
Starks 17pts 5rebs 1ast 1stl
Drury 10pts 9rebs
Trent 8pts 9rebs 10asts 5stls
Burns 9pts 2rebs 1stl
Jan. 5 Monday Rockford University JV Home 5:30 pm WON 91-56
Harris 27pts 15rebs 2asts 2blks
Drury 12pts 7rebs 1blk
Trent 11pts 8rebs 8asts 3stls
Starks 10pts 7rebs 8asts 5stls
Francis 8pts 9rebs 1blk
Jan. 8 Thursday Highland Away 7:30 pm Rescheduled
Jan. 13 Tuesday Sauk Valley Home 7:30 pm WON 77-71
Starks 25pts 5rebs 3blks 3stls
Harris 10pts 16rebs 5asts 3blks
Drury 14pts 12rebs 2asts
Trent 11pts 7rebs 4asts
Jan. 15 Thursday Black Hawk East Home 7:30 pm WON 79-56
Harris 19pts 9rebs 3asts 3blks 4stls
Starks 15pts 5rebs 3asts 2stls
Drury 12pts 9rebs 2asts
Trent 12pts 7asts 4stls
Jan. 20 Tuesday Carl Sandburg Away 6 pm WON 89-67
Harris 29pts 13rebs 11blks 3stls
Trent 14pts 11rebs 10asts 5stls
Hood 11pts 2rebs 3asts
Williams 10pts 2rebs 7asts
Jan. 22 Thursday Illinois Valley Home 7:30 pm WON 70-61
Harris 26pts 22rebs 8blks 2stls
Starks 18pts 5rebs 3asts
Trent 10pts 8rebs 7asts 3stls
Drury 9pts 7rebs 5asts
Jan. 27 Tuesday Black Hawk Away 7:30 pm LOSS 77-70
Harris 12pts 16rebs 8blks
Trent 21pts 8rebs 12asts
Starks 18pts 4rebs 6stls
Burns 8pts 2asts 2blks
Jan. 31 Saturday South Suburban Away 3 pm L 96-82
Starks 20pts 3rebs 2asts 2stls
Drury 18pts 9rebs
Trent 16pts 7rebs 11asts
Williams 12pts 2rebs 1stl
Feb. 3 Tuesday Highland Home 7:30 pm WON 87-69
Starks 21pts 5rebs 3blks 3stls
Trent 24pts 6rebs 9asts 7stls
Carter 11pts 1reb 1ast 1stl
Harris 11pts 9rebs 7blks
Feb. 5 Thursday Sauk Valley Away 7:30 pm WON 70-66
Trent 16pts 6rebs 11asts
Starks 16pts 6rebs 2blks 3stls
Harris 12pts 13rebs 6blks
Drury 10pts 7rebs 3asts
Hood 8pts 2rebs 2asts
Feb. 10 Tuesday Black Hawk East Away 7:30 pm WON 67-51
Starks 17pts 4rebs 2blks 4stls
Trent 16pts 5rebs 10asts 4stls
Harris 12pts 11rebs 2asts 4blks
Drury 10pts 5rebs 2blks 3stls
Feb. 12 Thursday Carl Sandburg Home 6 pm WON 79-71
Trent 25pts 7rebs 8asts 6stls
Harris 13pts 20rebs 6blks
Starks 16pts 6rebs 2asts 3stls
Williams 12pts 2rebs
Drury 8pts 10rebs 2stls
Feb. 17 Tuesday Illinois Valley Away 7:30 pm L 89-73
Trent 19pts 5rebs 13asts 7stls
Drury 14pts 6rebs
Williams 11pts 3rebs 3asts
Harris 11pts 5rebs
Feb. 19 Thursday Black Hawk Home 6:30 pm WON 95-87
Harris 20pts 23rebs 4blks 2stls
Trent 23pts 4rebs 10asts 3stls
Burns 16pts 1reb 1stl
Williams 12pts 4rebs 5asts
Hood 11pts 3rebs 1ast
Starks 10pts 7rebs 3asts 2blks
Feb 21 Saturday Highland Away 3 pm

WON 78-60
Trent 21pts 8rebs 10asts 6stls
Starks 20pts 5rebs 2blks 2stls
Harris 12pts 14rebs 4blks 3stls
Drury 8pts 9rebs 2asts 1blk
Anger 6pts 4rebs 1stl

(10-2) Arrowhead Conference Champions

Feb. 26 Thursday Region IV Quarter Finals
vs. #6 Prairie State
Home 7:15 pm WON 89-75
Harris 22pts 17rebs 4blks 1stl
Starks 24pts 4rebs 3asts 2blks
Williams 13pts 2asts 1stl
Trent 12pts 2rebs 12asts 4stls
Drury 8pts 10rebs 1ast
Mar. 1 Sunday Region IV A Semi-Finals
vs. #2 Morton
@ Elgin College 2 pm WON 94-90
Starks 36pts 8rebs 3blks 5stls
Trent 22pts 8rebs 15asts 5stls
Drury 22pts 12rebs 1ast
Williams 8pts 2rebs 3asts 1stl
Mar. 7 Saturday Region IV A Finals
vs. #1 Triton
@ Kankakee College 4 pm WON 74-69
Starks 19pts 8rebs 1ast 2stls
Trent 13pts 12rebs 14asts
Harris 17pts 11rebs 1blk
Williams 11pts 3rebs 2asts
Mar. 17-21 Tues.-Sat. NJCAA National Tournament Danville Area College  
March 18 Wed vs. Lansing CC (MI) Danville Area College 1 pm WON 82-68
Starks 30pts 6rebs 1ast 1blk
Harris 10pts 11rebs 4blks 4stls
Drury 16pts 9rebs 1ast 1blk
Trent 15pts 7rebs 4asts 2stls
March 19 Thu vs. #4 DMACC Danville Area College   L 72-63
Starks 21pts 6rebs 1ast
Williams 12pts 1reb 2asts 2stls
Harris 12pts 10rebs 1blk
Trent 4pts 8rebs 7asts 4stls
March 20

Fri vs. #1 Schoolcraft Danville Area College   L 81-74
Starks 31pts 8rebs 1ast 1blk
Trent 14pts 7rebs 7asts 3stls
Drury 10pts 10rebs 1blk
Carter 7pts 2rebs


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