Student-Athlete Academic Progress Report Process

Purpose of the reports is to assist the student-athlete in their academic performance. We are not attempting to simply keep a player eligible, but to help a student, who very often is considered in an “at risk” group, to be more successful in the classroom. These student-athletes are watched very closely, and we believe with your help, we may help find avenues to support them.

  1. Reports will be ran every 4th week. There will be a spreadsheet sent to each instructor with classes and student-athletes enrolled. We ask that reports please be returned electronically to Rob Buss, Athletic Academic Coordinator,, in one week.
  2. We understand that in the first set of reports there may not be test grades or even homework grades. We are simply attempting to catch attendance/classroom issues as soon as possible. Please supply as much pertinent information as possible. This first report is important as well.
  3. Rob Buss will collect all reports. Immediate calls are made to the respective coach with all D/F’s. The D/F report is recorded by Rob Buss, and electronically saved.
  4. The coaches are instructed to make direct, one on one contact with the player(s) with grade/attitude issues. The coaches will reiterate topics discussed at our Athletic Dept. Orientation night, i.e. Steps to being successful in the classroom, LSC/tutoring resources, attending longer team study tables, or additional required hours in LSC. The coach may also make contact with the instructor to discuss specific issues and recommendations. The coaches will do their utmost to assist the student-athlete to be more successful in the classroom. Coaches will assist, not enable. Ultimately, playing time can and will be lessened due to lack of academic progress. Removal from the team is the last step. Please feel free to make contact with Karen Wiley, A.D., if you believe little to no effort or change is being made by the student-athlete after progress reports have been returned to the coach.
  5. Coaches will also commend, recognize those student-athletes who are performing well in the classroom. Depending on the student-athlete this may be done one on one or before the team.
  6. At no time will reports be returned to student-athletes. Coaches will only discuss the report with the student-athlete. Coaches will keep ALL reports until the end of the academic year.
  7. With each set of reports, Rob Buss will record all grade reports returned. A report of number returned, % returned, and # D/F’s per sport will be submitted to A.D. and Deans on Friday of the following week in which reports were distributed to instructors.

This is a process which works best if everyone is working together. Our goal for 2011-12 is an Athletic Department G.P.A. of 3.0. The cumulative department GPA for 2010-11 was 2.8, with the volleyball team leading the department with a 3.0 team G.P.A. The DataTel system enables us to better record and maintain academic progress. We are not only striving to build quality athletic programs but also student-athletes who will be successful in the classroom and in life. At any time you may have questions/concerns regarding this process, please feel free to contact Rob Buss, Athletic Academic Coordinator ext. 2400, or Karen Wiley, A.D. ext. 5380. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this process.

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