What's Happening!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

7:30AM-8:30AM High School Science Academy Class C-1253 Dunn
7:30AM-8:00AM Weight Watchers C-1258 Acardo
8:00AM-9:30AM Enrollment Management Meeting Cancelled Smith
9:00AM-12:00PM BD/OSHA Electrical Safety-RElated Work Practices Class A-1220 M Gallagher
9:00AM-1:00PM Placement Testing A-1300 Morgan
9:00AM-1:00PM Promotion Graduate Application/Degree Portfolio Table A1-Lobby Adzovic
10:00AM-2:00PM Indiana Wesleyan University Recruiter Visit B2-Lobby Beinarauskas
10:00AM-2:00PM Heartland Blood Center Blood Drive Mobile Unit Parking Lot in front of SC Zilm
10:30AM-11:30AM Talking STEM: Vaccinations-Presentation A-1225 Hodson
11:00AM-12:00PM Office Moves Meeting A-1270 Korineck
11:00AM-12:00PM Black Male Initiative Meeting C-1121 Barnes
11:30AM-2:00PM SGA/ALL CLUB LUNCHEON C-1133/C-1134 VonEnde
12:00PM-1:30PM Diversity Speaker- Michelle Bringas C-1121 Barnes
12:00PM-2:00PM Nursing Admission Meeting B-1234 Soost
1:00PM-4:00PM BD&OSHA Forklift Operation & Train-the-Trainer A-1220 M Gallagher
1:00PM-2:00PM LGBTA Committee Meeting B-2325 Irmen
1:30PM-4:00PM Placement Testing A-1300 Morgan
2:00PM-3:00PM English Department Meeting B-2325 Hultgren
2:00PM-3:00PM Sociology Department Meeting C-2220 Sims
2:00PM-4;00PM SGA/Elections Table C1-Lobby Zacarias
2:00PM-3:30PM HR Recruiter Training Meeting C-1265 Hofer
2:00PM-3:30PM Kish Men's Basketball Practice A-1400/Gym Buss
2:15PM-3:30PM HE Department Meeting B-1234 Beinarauskas
2:15PM-3:15PM Mathematics Department Meeting A-1228 Read
2:30PM-3:30PM Biology Department Meeting C-2261 Delwiche
2:30PM-3:30PM Car Raffle Meeting A-1410d Pohl
3:00PM-4:00PM Registration Calendar Meeting C-2125 Partch
3:00PM-5:00PM Kish Women's Softball Game Cancelled Becker
4:30PM-7:00PM Placement Testing A-1300 Morgan
6:00PM-9:30PM CE/Veterinary Assistant Class A-1330 Fry
6:30PM-9:00PM CE/ART-702-5002 Wheel-Thrown Pottery Class B-1420/B-1422 Hardy
7:00PM-8:00PM CE/DAN-700-5001 Ballroom Dancing Class B-2301 Bergstrom


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

8:00AM-3:00PM BD/OSHA-405-0004 OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Class A-1220 M Gallagher
8:00AM-9:15AM BIO 101 Class A-1225 Delwiche
9:00AM-11:00AM TRIO Phone Meeting w/KCC A-1266 Harris
10:00AM-1:00PM Aurora University Recruiter C1-Lobby Marsden
10:00AM-1:00PM We Care Pregnancy Center C1-Lobby Ament
11:00AM-12:30PM CE/Film Screening "BIDDER 70" A-1224 March/Delwiche
11:00AM-12:00PM Transistion Committee Meeting B-2325 Kolls
11:00AM-12;00PM Health Insurance Committee Meeting C-1265 Acardo
12:00PM-1:00PM Meet & Greet with NIU Honors Program A-1247 Thomas
12;00PM-2:00PM Foreign Languages Association Meeting C-1133 Barrett
1:00PM-2:00PM Latinos Unidos Meeting C-1121 Eggleston
1:00PM-3:00PM Business Club Student Meeting A-1266 Tiggelaar
1:15PM-3:15PM HR Computer Lab A-1221 Hofer
1:30PM-4:00PM Placement Testing A-1300 Morgan
1:45PM-2:45PM Intercultural Student Club Meeting A-1330 Lockman
2:00PM-3:30PM Program Review/Biology A-1228 Wyatt
2:00PM-4:00PM PTK Meeting C-1121 VonEnde
2:00PM-4:00PM "Greenfire" Film Showing C-1130 Dudek
3:00PM-6:00PM Sociology Search/ Phone Interview C-1265 Lange
3:00PM-7:00PM Kish Women's Softball Game vs. Illinois Valley/DH Softball Field Becker
3:00PM-4:320PM Webinar/Student Advising A-1249 VonEnde
3:00PM-5:00PM Kish Men's Baseball vs. Harper Baseball Field Pethoud
4:30PM-6:30PM Placement Testing A-1300 Morgan
5:00PM-6:30PM ELE Advisory Meeting A-1410d VanHise
5:30PM-8:00PM Adult Ed Field Trip A-1350 Wagner
6:00PM-8:45PM CE/Film Screening "BIDDER 70" A-1224 March
6:00PM-9:30PM CE/CTH/-709-5002 Phlebotomy Technican Class A-1330 Fry
6:00PM-9:00PM CE/ART-700-5002 Stained Glass I Class B-1413 C. Klein
6:00PM-8:30PM CE/PHO-701-5001 Basic Digital Photography Class C-1254 Fry
6:30PM-9:00PM CE/CMM-700-5002 Microsoft Excel Class A-1221 Zantout


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