Our MyKC student management system is how students sign up for classes and manage their lives while here at Kishwaukee College. You can get to it from the CAD program's and college's home pages. You will need to go through the ADMISSIONS process first, to become a Kishwaukee College student. That button is also found on the home page of the CAD website. Also, you will need to meet with a counselor, division dean or program advisor to get a full-time student release to allow you to register for classes. This is usually requested after entrance placement testing.

Students are encouraged to seek a design degree in one area with a drafting certificate from the opposite area. Right now the 413 mechanical design degree in combination with the 414 architectural drafting certificate is popular. Because the degree requires a number of electives, students need not do any more than the 64 credits of work to accomplish both the certificate and degree!

Files in MS-Word DOC file format are provided for students to plan and keep records.

Semester Window Sheets
CAD412-FA-1.doc DOC File Format
CAD412-SP-1.doc DOC File Format
CAD412-FA-2.doc DOC File Format
CAD412-SP-2.doc DOC File Format
CAD413-FA-1.doc DOC File Format
CAD413-SP-1.doc DOC File Format
CAD413-FA-2.doc DOC File Format
CAD413-SP-2.doc DOC File Format
CAD414-FA-1.doc DOC File Format
CAD414-SP-1.doc DOC File Format
CAD415-FA-1.doc DOC File Format
CAD415-SP-1.doc DOC File Format
Semester Window Sheet Blank
Blank Window Sheet.doc DOC File Format