Threat Assessment Team


Kishwaukee College is committed to maintaining a safe campus environment for all members of the college community. The Threat Assessment Team supports the campus security plan by responding to reports of students or employees displaying signs of behavioral or emotional distress that may indicate a possible threat to the college. The team will meet on a regular basis to assess referrals, determine appropriate intervention strategies, and effectively respond to incidents of concern.

Team Members:

Sedgwick Harris          Vice President Student Services    ext. 2350
Sgt. Ryan Braden    DeKalb County Sheriff Dept.      ext. 5420
Nancy Partch              Dean Student Services                  ext. 2610
Sarah Marsden       Counselor                                      ext. 3380
Ann Wilson                 Coordinator ARC                         ext. 3960

Based on individual cases the Threat Assessment Team will include additional team members consisting of faculty or staff who are connected to the incident being reviewed, specialized treatment providers when needed and the HR department in situations dealing with college employees.

Guidelines for Referrals to the Threat Assessment Team:

  • Acts of Violence (threats, assaults, etc.) on Campus
  • Statements or Evidence of Self Harm/Suicidal Thoughts
  • Erratic/Bizarre/Inappropriate Statements or Behavior
  • Statements Indicating Possession of a Weapon, or Displaying of a Weapon on Campus
  • Writings or Drawings of a Disturbing or Threatening Nature
  • Evidence of Impaired Behavior Due to Drug or Alcohol Use
  • Observed Behavioral Changes Over a Period of Time
  • If You Are Wondering “Should I Report This?”

If violence is occurring “right now” and you need immediate help call “911” or “0” for the college operator, to alert the Sheriff Deputy Officer on campus.

If you would like to consult with a TAT member about a concern or issue contact any one of the team members above and they will be happy to talk with you. If you would prefer to use the online referral form you can click on the following link: Threat Assessment Referral PDF Form.


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