Student Club Survey

Welcome to Kishwaukee College. We hope you enjoy your time while you are here. This is an interest survey to help you get connected to Kishwaukee College and involved on campus. By filling out this form you are giving us permission to give you name and email to people who are involved with clubs or organizations with which you may be interested.

Previously, what types of groups, clubs, or organizations have you been involved with, you may include high school if you feel is relevant.
School Newspaper
Student Government/Student Council
Interest Clubs or Organizations
Community Organizations
What groups would you be consider being involved:

Find a description of all organizations we offer.
Student Government Association
Future Educators Association
Honors Organization
Green Club
Forensics Team
Horticulture Club
Intercultural Student Association
Kaleidoscope (School Newspaper)
Aviation Club
Latinos Unidos
Black Student Union
Mudslingers (pottery club)
Black Male Initiative
Music Club
Business Club
Student Nursing Organization
Computer Club
Skills USA
Criminal Justice Club
Veterans Club
Equality Club
Black Women’s Initiative
Floral Club SAIFD

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