Club Funding

Charter Funds

  1. When completed charters have been approved by Student Government Association clubs will receive $150 for the fall semester and $150 for the spring semester.
  2. Clubs being chartered between January and February 28 th will only receive $150 for the year. No clubs will be chartered after February 28 th of any given year.


Clubs may create, participate in, and gain financially through fundraising ventures. To avoid competing events on the same days please check with the Facility Reservation Coordinator to see what is scheduled on campus for the date of your fundraiser. Careful scheduling will give every club beneficial fundraising opportunities.

Requesting Additional Funds

If your organization would like to request additional funds during the year please contact the SGA President, at ext. 2140. A date will be scheduled for a representative from your organization to attend an SGA meeting and present your request. Please complete the Request for Student Association Funds Form which will be required when a club asks for additional funding. This form must be completed and returned to the S.A. president prior to the meeting your representative is scheduled to attend.

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