Campus Life

Campus Life

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Going to college means a new campus, new classes, new people-it can be exciting and little nerve-wracking, too. But students soon learn their way around campus and begin making new friends, new connections, new choices. Campus life at Kishwaukee College is similar to that at many other colleges-it is up to the individual student on how involved to be, what opportunities to take advantage of, which campus spot is perfect for studying or meeting friends.

Students can join organizations based on academics, social consciousness or field of study. Getting involved in student organizations is a great way to test out leadership skills or plan, coordinate, and evaluate a project or activity-all experiences that expand a student’s real life skills and look great on a resume!

Kishwaukee College offers plenty of places on campus to hang out between classes, plenty of organizations and clubs to join, plenty of activities to attend… campus life at Kishwaukee College full of real choices!

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