The Kaleidoscope

The Kaleidoscope is evolving!  The “student newspaper” is transforming into an online “student magazine” with an entirely new concept and lay-out. 

The classes dedicated to putting out the newspaper are Communication 151, 152 & 153, Publications Production to better reflect the new Kaleidoscope!  The new K-scope classes are available on KishSOS and are each worth one credit hour!

Questions? Contact Susan Carlson, Kaleidoscope faculty advisor at 815-825-2086, ext. 2600 or email

The Kaleidoscope: What is it?

The Kaleidoscope is Kishwaukee College's student-run newspaper. It is an online format located at The paper has won awards in the annual Illinois Community College Journalism Association contest. All editorial decisions are made by student editors; the advisor(s) serve to instruct and make recommendations but they do not run, or censor, the paper.

Who can be a part of the Kaleidoscope staff?

Any current student at Kishwaukee College may serve on the newspaper staff.

Do I get credit?

Yes! To receive credit for participating student must register for COM 151. Students may repeat by registering for COM 152 and 153. Attendance at regular staff meetings is required. 

Do I have to register in one of those classes?

No. You can still be part of the Kaleidoscope staff without registering for COM 151/152/153, but coming to the scheduled meetings is recommended.

When are meetings scheduled?

Fall: Monday & Wednesday at 1pm
Spring: Monday & Wednesday at Noon
Do keep in mind that participation requires more than attending meetings in order to interview people, write stories, take photos, lay out pages, etc.

Do I need any previous experience?

No previous experience is necessary. Likewise, there is no prerequisite for COM 151.

What positions are offered?

The Kaleidoscope is always in need of students to fill the following positions:

  • Reporter
  • Sportswriter
  • Columnist
  • Feature Writer
  • Photographer
  • Cartoonist
  • Graphic Designer/Layout Specialist
  • Web Editor

What kind of technology do you use for production?

The Kaleidoscope is produced entirely by Kishwaukee College students using Adobe InDesign CS3 for Mac. Prior experience with Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe InDesign (Mac or PC) is a plus for designers, but in no way required.

How can I become a part of the Kaleidoscope staff?

Simply drop a statement of interest in the Kaleidoscope mailbox at any time. That's it. Their mailbox is located in ACSS Division. 

Contact Information

Susan Carlson
Kaleidoscope Faculty Advisor
Phone: 815-825-2086, ext. 2600

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