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When budgets are tight, it is hard for organizations to imagine the possibilities and what if’s, when they can only focus on basic needs.  Last Spring, the Kishwaukee College Foundation, through a Departmental Award Opportunity application, asked staff at the College to think about what is possible in the classroom and on campus if funding were not an issue.  Marshall Hayes, Executive Director of the Foundation, said “We are attempting to make funds available to allow for innovation and dreaming about what’s possible.” 

Faculty & staff may apply for fiscal year 2015 awards in the spring of 2014. Application forms can be found on the MyKish Portal under Foundation.


The following initiatives were funding in Fall 2013.


Developmental Education Symposium

Kishwaukee College will be hosting the State of Illinois’s 5th Developmental Education Symposium in Spring 2014.  This year’s theme is Assessing Developmental Placement and Assessment in Community Colleges.  This symposium brings together developmental education faculty, administrators, educational researches and the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) staff to share research, ideas, and best practices focused on improving the success of students underprepared for college-level courses.  Special guests include Katherine L. Hughes and Judith Scott-Clayton, Community College Research Center, Teacher’s College, Columbia University; and Debra Fitzgerald, Technical specialist, ACT-Compass. 

The Foundation is pleased to fund this opportunity for all instructional divisions, academic support units, student services, and the institutional research division.  Providing this opportunity on our campus allows professional staff, administrators, and both fulltime and adjunct instructors the chance to examine the common precepts of good teaching, learn from peer institutions, and reflect upon the changes needed for under-prepared students to be successful.

The “Intersectionality” Inter-cultural Speakers Series

The Diversity Committee has been granted a departmental award to promote intercultural dialogue and collaborative academic and social experiences by developing and administering the “Intersectionality” inter-cultural Speakers series.  By partnering with the Center for Access the program will train Kishwaukee College stakeholders on people from diverse backgrounds and gain a better awareness of the challenges confronting people with multiple diverse identities.  Learners will demonstrate awareness of their own culture and how it relates to other cultures. 


Honors Program

Kishwaukee College launched an Honors Program in the spring of 2013 when over 20 high-achieving students were accepted into the program and 10 sections of Honors courses were offered.  Since then, over 40 students have enrolled in the program and 13 sections of Honor courses were offered in fall of 2013.  This departmental award will be used by the Honor program for promotion within the district high schools and to punctuate the success of these students with a medallion to be worn at graduation.  Providing printed material to strengthen recruitment efforts and sending off graduates with the recognition they have earned, will entice students to participate in this academically challenging program.  Honor students can expect to enhance their competitiveness for scholarships, university admissions, internship and employment opportunities.


Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)
Self-Study Forum

The Foundation has made a departmental award for the ACEN recommendation that Kishwaukee College faculty attend the Self-Study Forums in Anaheim California in Spring and Fall of 2014.  This 2 day forum will help continue the 30+ year tradition of quality education through the Kishwaukee College Nursing Program.  This accreditation will allow the nursing program to apply for external nursing education funding for more program improvements.  The implementation of the new hi-fidelity simulation lab and new nursing program curriculum together with ACEN accreditation will keep the Kishwaukee College Nursing Program thriving in an ever changing health care environment.

Financial Literacy Campaign

In today’s economy, more than ever before, it is vitally important to have a basic understanding of financial concepts.  This departmental award will be used to provide resources to students and community to help them navigate what can often be overwhelming financial topics and promote a lifetime of learning and success.  This will be accomplished through 4 different workshops held throughout the year.  The workshops will cover the following topics: Setting up and following a budget; Understanding credit and preventing identity theft; Information on available scholarships and how to apply; Student loan repayment options and consolidation.

National Association of Developmental Education (NADE) Conference

The Dallas Texas based NADE Conference is a national forum that highlights the most recent research and best practices in developmental education.  Colleges nationwide send teams of faculty and administrators’ to share and learn about the latest innovative approaches to prepare students for college level courses.  This departmental award will provide for 3 Developmental Education faculty/staff to attend the conference as well as follow-up workshops on campus to disseminate the lessons learned at the conference.  Information on assessment, alignment, intervention, and curriculum development gained at the conference will allow Kishwaukee College to gain a holistic view of our students.

Vertical Garden System

This departmental award will provide three self-contained garden walls that will improve the aesthetic appearance of our existing campus.  The walls will be placed in the A1200, A1300 and B1400 wings of the campus.  Funding for the plants to go into these walls is also provided.  The installation and maintenance of these walls will be provided by horticulture students.  Vertical gardens improve the work environment, decrease ambient noise, reduce stress, and increase air quality.  Once installed, tours or a short course to the public on these living walls may be available.  A living wall means living well. 

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