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Application for Spring 2014 Semester is now available!

It is really EASY to apply online for a Kishwaukee College Scholarship!!!

Kishwaukee College Foundation scholarships are made possible by the gracious supporters of Kishwaukee College. These supporters are financially committed to improving the educational conditions for our families, neighbors and community.

With this dedication in mind, we have developed an online application process that will allow you to apply for multiple scholarships with one application. We have also provided a handbook for you to download, which includes specific information on the web application, scholarship process, dates, deadlines, notices and agreements, as well as the projected dollar amount available for each scholarship.

We hope you find the information here useful and we look forward to helping you turn your aspirations into enduring success!

Scholarship Availablitiy:

The next scholarship cycle will be for the Spring 2014 semester.

Applications will be available August of 2013 - Deadline will be October 17th, 2013


The Selection Process
Applications are reviewed by scholarship committees composed of representatives from the college departments. If you receive a scholarship, please write a note of thanks to the donor.

Scholarship Handbooks

Scholarship Handbook for Fall 2013 Semester & Spring 2014 Semester.

Each year a handbook with specific instructions pertaining to the current scholarship cycle are printed for your convenience. Please pay special attention to the dates and deadlines as scholarship cycles run well in advance of the actual semesters that they are eligible to be used for. The Scholarship Handbook contains information on the two scholarship cycles that occur during a single school year.

The handbook is available in a PDF format and may be downloaded or obtained in the following areas of the college:

  • The Library
  • Admissions
  • Financial Aid office
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