Future Students

Future Students

Real Opportunity.

That is what Kishwaukee College is all about. For over 40 years, Kishwaukee College has been committed to providing students the opportunities that can make a real difference in their lives.

Real Education.

For students whose goals include a four-year university degree, Kishwaukee College offers Associate in Art and Associate in Science degrees that are fully transferable to any public university in Illinois. These programs prepare students by providing opportunities to take the general education requirements; mathematics, English, and language sequences; and the foundation coursework for their intended major in a small classroom setting with experienced, highly qualified instructors.

Real Life.

For students whose goals include preparation to enter the workforce in an occupation that requires specific skills, Kishwaukee College offers Associate in Applied Science degrees and a host of certificates in programs ranging from Automated Engineering Technology to Welding. These programs prepare students by providing a balance of classroom knowledge and hands-on experiences taught by skilled instructors with experience in the field and a curriculum designed and approved by advisory committees composed of local and regional professionals.

Real Learning.

For students who stepped out of high school or are English Language Learners, Kishwaukee College provides a wide range of support services that help students prepare for the GED, learn English as a Second Language, or enter college to begin a new journey as adults.

Real Choices.

For all students on campus, Kishwaukee College provides opportunities to expand their horizons and challenge themselves outside the classroom with over 30 student organizations and academic support services to assist students in realizing their full potential. In addition, Kishwaukee has a full-range of non-credit classes for area residents to gain personal enrichment or enhance their job-related skills—in a community classroom or online.

Real Value.

For all students, Kishwaukee College offers programs and services that provide the opportunities to learn, to grow, to explore, to develop-all at an affordable cost.

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