Getting Started!

Kishwaukee College: A Great Choice!

Sometimes the hardest part of starting your college career is taking that first step! Luckily, the process at Kishwaukee College is pretty simple. Explore the links below to begin on your way!

  1. Housing: As a community college, Kishwaukee College does not own any housing complexes. However, the College also does not put restrictions on where students can live, which means you have many options! Click on the "housing" link to see a list of area housing options.
  2. Financial Aid / Paying for College: College can be expensive. While Kishwaukee College is an affordable college option, we understand that our students still often need assistance. Explore our "financial aid / paying for college" link to estimate attedence costs, find financial aid forms, learn more about the College's scholarships, break down your tuition payments through our KIPP payment plan, and more. For cost estimation on attending a higher education institution, use the Net Price Calculator.
  3. It's never too early to get started! Begin the process of becoming a Kishwaukee College student by following our Admission & Registration Steps.

Additional information about the College can be found in the links at left.

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