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Kishwaukee College offers programs that fit into whatever your plans and goals may be in a relaxed environment. Instructors at Kishwaukee College are dedicated to teaching—no research, no teaching assistants. Faculty at Kishwaukee are student centered. You will never be a number or lost in the crowd. With a student-instructor ratio of 20 - 1, Kishwaukee College offers a personal atmosphere where real learning can take place. By choosing Kishwaukee College, you have selected quality education at an affordable cost.

Kishwaukee College offers a multitude of extracurricular activities that allow you to explore your interests and develop your abilities. Take classes outside your major area of interest to broaden your horizons and join any of more than 20 student organizations that give you a chance to meet other students who share your passion in particular area or help you develop a new interest or ability.

Kishwaukee College: Real Education, Real Life, Real Learning, Real Choices, Real Value… Real Opportunity.

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