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      International Students

      Students from around the world enrich the educational experience of all students. In a typical year, Kishwaukee College has the honor of having approximately 20 to 30 students from other countries attend. Most of these students are attending under an F-1 Student Visa while others study under some other type of Visa.

      Recent International Students Have Come From:

      • Central and South American Countries
      • China
      • Croatia
      • Egypt
      • Germany
      • India
      • Indonesia
      • The Ivory Coast
      • Japan
      • Jordan
      • Mexico
      • Nigeria
      • Pakistan
      • The Philippines
      • Saudi Arabia
      • South Korea
      • Thailand
      • Taiwan
      • Zambia
      • Zaire

      About Kishwaukee College

      Kishwaukee College is an accredited State of Illinois public community college that awards two-year associate degrees. These degrees prepare students to transfer to a college or university to complete bachelor's degrees.

      The college is located in Malta, Illinois just six miles west of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois and 70 miles west of Chicago. Kishwaukee College is authorized by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

      Housing and Transportation

      As a community college, Kishwaukee College does not have any on-campus housing for students. Most international students live in DeKalb, Illinois in apartments located around the Northern Illinois University campus. The DeKalb community offers a variety of restaurants, cultures, and activities, many of which are centered around the university.

      Students who do not own a car travel to Kishwaukee College by bus. A bus schedule and bus pass will be available at the time of registration. A directory of apartments in DeKalb is also available from the Admissions, Registration, and Records office.

      Kishwaukee College has an International Student Organization that helps support foreign students while enrolled at the college. This organization provides information to international students about the college and organizes trips to historic and recreational areas around northern Illinois and Chicago.

      Admission Requirements for International Students

      All applicants who are citizens of non-English speaking countries will be eligible for admission to Kishwaukee College when they complete the following requirements:

      1. Complete the "Test of English as a Foreign Language" which is administered by the Educational Testing Services of Princeton, New Jersey, and earn a cumulative score of not less than 500 on the paper test or a cumulative score of not less than 173 for the computer test. The score for the new Internet-based Test is 61. For complete information concerning the TOEFL examination, applicants should write to: Test of English as a Foreign Language, Educational Testing Service, Box 6151, Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6151, U.S.A. or call 609/771-7100.


        Alternatively, applicants from non-English speaking countries may become eligible for admission to Kishwaukee College by successful completion of intensive English training at such English training centers as: Northern Illinois University, ESL Center, DeKalb, Il, phone: 815-753-4600; Internexus English Language Center, 5050 E State, Rockford, IL 61108-2393, 815-226-4114; ELS Language Center, 7400 Augusta Street, River Forest, Illinois 60305, Phone: 708/771-7746; or, Center for English as a Second Language, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois 62901. Applicants who attend one of these centers to gain English proficiency, upon completion, must provide evidence of English proficiency at level 7 or above to be considered for admission to Kishwaukee College.

        Applicants who are citizens of foreign countries where English is the native language will be eligible for admission to Kishwaukee College when they have completed steps 2, 3, and 4 listed below.

        All entering international students will be administered an English proficiency test, and must arrange to be on campus on the testing date, usually two to three weeks before the beginning of classes. Based on their English proficiency test results, international students may be required to enroll in remedial or developmental English courses which do not transfer for credit to a four-year college.

      2. Submit an Application for Admission to Kishwaukee College to the International Student Advisor.  A non-refundable $15 application fee must accompany the original application and will be credited to the student's tuition and fees when he or she registers at Kishwaukee College.

      3. Submit notarized copies of all secondary school marks, and any college or university transcripts.

      4. All international students who are transferring from a College or University, within the United States, must have the following form completed by the institution last attended. This form is required to be completed before the beginning of the term you intend to start classes. International Transfer To Kishwaukee College form

      5. If a foreign applicant will live with a sponsor or relative in the Kishwaukee College community or where a home country relative will provide total support, the student and sponsor/relative will be required to fill out an International Student Statement of  Finances. The sponsor or relative who will assume complete financial responsibility for the applicant while he is in attendance at Kishwaukee College must sign and return this form. If there is more than one sponsor, a form must be filled out for each sponsor.

        In certain instances, the student may be required to place on deposit with the Business Office of Kishwaukee College $28,300 to cover living expenses, tuition, and fees for two semesters (9 months) and living expenses for an additional three months.

      6. When the student has filed the above papers with the office of the International Student Advisor, and it has been determined that the student meets all admission requirements, the student will be issued the appropriate Department of Immigration and Naturalization form (I-20). With this action the student is admitted to the College. Upon receipt of the I-20 the student is required to pay the $200.00 SEVIS fee and bring that receipt to his or her U.S. Consulate. Upon receiving the I-20, new international students will need to arrive at least
        one week before school begins.

      Any international student must register for a minimum of 12 semester hours credit each semester.

      The 2014-2015 tuition rate for international students holding F-1 visas is $473.00 per semester hour. There are additional charges for registration and course fees.

      Citizens of foreign countries who are currently attending another U.S. college or university and wish to transfer to Kishwaukee College will be required to submit evidence of proficiency in English (former TOEFL scores or other earned English proficiency test scores and transcripts of English grades earned at other U.S. colleges or universities). In addition, students wishing to transfer to Kishwaukee from another U.S. college are required to arrange an interview with the International Student Advisor at least one month prior to the semester in which they wish to enroll. Students wishing to arrange such an interview should contact the Office of the International Student Advisor, Kishwaukee College, 21193 Malta Road, Malta, Illinois 60150; Telephone: 815-825-2086, ext. 2450.

      Final approval for admission of international students rests with the Office of the Vice President of Student Services. Questions on the International Student status? Contact Admissions, Registration and Records Office at, or at 815-825-2086, ext. 2740.


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