What type of student are you?

Student Support

Kishwaukee College understands that different students have different needs. Click the links below to learn more about what type of student you are, what opportunities and support services Kishwaukee College offers, and additional information about special admission requirements.

  1. First-time Student: Just getting started? If you have not attended any other colleges or universities, you are considered a first-time student.
  2. Adult Learner/Nontraditional: Whether you are a single parent, displaced homemaker, interested in ESL classes, seeking your GED, or just returning to school after gaining experience in the workforce, additional responsibilities can mean a need for additional support. The Office of Adult Education and Transition Programs provides adult students like you with classes and support services that can help you be successful.
  3. High School: Did you know that even if you are currently enrolled in high school, you can earn college credit?
  4. International: If you are a citizen of another country and wish to attend Kishwaukee College on a student visa, you must complete several admission requirements. Click the "international" link to learn more about special requirements for international students.
  5. Returning: If you have previously attended Kishwaukee College but have left for a period of time, your re-admission process is determined by how long you have been away.
  6. Transfer: If you started your education at a college or university other than Kishwaukee College, you are a transfer student.
  7. Visiting: Are you taking a few classes to fulfill university requirements? Do you just want to learn more about a topic that interests you? Visiting students like you are interested in taking classes at Kishwaukee College but do not intend to earn a degree here.


Additional college information can be found in the links at left.

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