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Kishwaukee College Prospective Student FAQs:

What are the admission requirements for Kishwaukee College?

Kishwaukee College has an ‘open door’ admission policy. That means that anyone who graduated from high school or received their GED/high school equivalency certificate or nongraduates who will be 18 years of age or older during their first semester of enrollment, is eligible for admission.

Conditially admitted students will be allowed to enroll at Kishwaukee College in accordance with the College's "Open Door" admissions philosophy/policy. Conditionally admitted students will meet periodically with an advisor or counselor to select appropriate courses that remediate skill deficiencies or make up for subject until deficiencies. Once skill and/or subject unit deficiencies are removed, the student will be regularly admitted to an approved baccalaureate/transfer degree program.

What do I need to get started?

Students who want to attend Kishwaukee College must fill out a Student Information Form. This form may be filled out online or in person at the Admissions, Registration and Records Office (ARR) on campus. The ARR office will also require an official copy of your high school transcripts and any transcripts from other colleges attended. You may have to take placement tests in English and math and should meet with a counselor in the Counseling and Student Development Center to discuss your academic and career goals and plans prior to registration.

Do I have to declare a major or program of study?

No. However, to determine if you are meeting graduation requirements for a particular program, you will need to ‘declare’ a major/program. Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university to continue their education towards a bachelor’s degree should declare their intention as soon as possible to insure they are meeting the AA or AS requirements necessary to fulfill transferability or their coursework.

Is there housing on campus?

There is no housing on campus. However, unlike many four-year colleges and universities, there are no restrictions on where Kishwaukee College students may live—some students choose to live at home for financial reasons; others live in apartments with friends to share expenses; and still others opt to live at University Plaza (UP), 900 Crane Dr. in DeKalb near the Northern Illinois University campus to gain a more traditional college living experience. For more information on UP, visit or call 800-865-2755.

Is there public transportation to campus?

There are public bus services from DeKalb and Rochelle. In DeKalb, bus service is operated by TransVac. In Rochelle, bus service is operated by the Lee-Ogle Transportation Services (LOTS). Both services have multiple pick-up points along their routes and morning and afternoon drop-off an pick-up at Kishwaukee College. Contact the Admissions Registration and Records office for more information on routes and cost at 815-825-2086, ext. 2490 or email

What is a full course load?

A full course load is defined as carrying a minimum of 12 semester hours. Anything under 12 semester hours is classified as a part-time student load for fall and spring semesters. A full-time load for summer is 6 semester hours.

Do I have to apply for financial aid?

You do not “have to” apply for financial aid. If you prefer to pay for your classes personally, you may certainly do so. Financial Aid at Kishwaukee College is handled exactly the same as it is handled in all other colleges and universities—students begin the process by filing a Federal Application for Free Student Aid (FAFSA) and listing Kishwaukee as their first college choice. The federal government and state level financial aid programs that are available for all college students are in full effect; if you are eligible to receive federal or state assistance, you will receive it to use towards tuition and fees at Kishwaukee College. Be advised that, even if you plan to pay for college yourself, if you want to apply for private scholarships through the Kishwaukee College Foundation or any other private organization, filing a FAFSA may be required as part of the application process.  The bottom line is: no matter how you plan to pay for college, filing a FAFSA is the first step.

Where can I purchase textbooks for my classes?

The Kishwaukee College Bookstore offers two convenient ways to purchase your books: online or in person at their campus location. Either method requires you to be enrolled in the classes for which you want to purchase textbooks. Some financial aid awards will cover textbook purchases; check with the Financial Aid Office to see if your financial aid package includes textbook and other class supply purchases.

Will I receive a student email address?

Yes! All Kishwaukee College credit course taking students receive an email address when they enroll. Check your Kishwaukee email address frequently—it is the primary way that the College will communicate with you. Important dates, upcoming events, registration and financial aid reminders are all sent via the Kishwaukee student email system. Your instructors may also communicate with you through Kishwaukee College email. So make sure to check it often!

What other services are available online for students?

Through the KishSOS system students may search the course schedule book, register, check their grades, pay tuition, and check balances due. As a student you may want to bookmark the Kishwaukee College website too—course cancellations and other important notices are posted there; the Library online search engines are linked from there; the bookstore online book buying program is linked there; and a variety of forms are available throughout the year!

Are there student organizations?

Kishwaukee College has over 30 student organizations on campus. Students may be active in athletics, student government, academic based clubs, service organizations, or special interest activities. Joining and being active in student organizations on the Kishwaukee College campus means that you get to have experiences working with a diverse group of students on campus and have a great opportunity to take on leadership roles. Joining student organizations is a perfect way to enhance your educational experience.

Is there a cafeteria on campus?

Enjoy the Kishwaukee Dining Services at the refreshed Kish Café located in the AB 100 Wing. The Kish Café is open Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Kish Café features Starbucks brewed coffee, a full grill menu including burgers, veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders and fries. Coolers in Kish Café are filled with a variety of snacks: hummus & pretzels, smoothies, and more!

Looking to go more healthy? The Fresh & Fast offerings are easy to grab and go – salads, sandwiches and parfaits. Forgot breakfast? Kish Café has you covered. Now offering a variety of breakfast items including pancakes, French toast, and the ever popular Eggwich.

Credit/debit cards now accepted!

In addition to the Kish Café offerings, Kishwaukee College has vending machines located throughout campus. There is a full cafeteria for students to sit and enjoy their meals while meeting with friends or study groups. In addition, there are many small lounge areas throughout campus near vending machines where students can relax with friends (or their books!) and enjoy some refreshment.

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