Outlook Web App (OWA) provides email access through a web interface to a secure site, allowing users to read email from anywhere with an Internet connection without having to configure a browser or email client software.


ActiveSync - Email For Personal Devices

Faculty/staff cam forward College E-mail to a personal device; though, there are some necessary conditions in place to minimize the risk to the College. As this is an optional service, we need to minimize any cost increases to the College by limiting what support you can get from IT for your personally owned device.

Procedure to enable ActiveSync for a personal device

  1. Submit a Help Desk ticket requesting ActiveSync for Personal Devices :Help Desk:​
  2. When you receive the ActiveSync for Personal Devices Service-Level Agreement (SLA) and the Request and Acknowledgement form, read the SLA, print and sign the Request and Acknowledgement form, and send the signed form to the Help Desk.  IT will send these documents to your College E-mail account.
  3. When IT receives your signed form, we will verify that you have a signed AUP on file with the College.  If you don't have an AUP on file, we’ll forward you an AUP to sign and return as well.
  4. IT will enable the ActiveSync feature for your account and then notify you via the Help Desk ticket E-mail notification that the ActiveSync feature has been enabled.  We will also include the connection information in the Help Desk ticket notification.  This step could take as many 5 working days from our receipt of the signed form.

You can then configure your personal device to connect to the Kishwaukee College Exchange Server using the configuration information provided.  If you need assistance, you will need to contact your service provider. If you discover later that you no longer want that service, either give us a call (extension HELP) or submit a Help Desk ticket and we'll disable that service for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go to access Outlook Web App?

You can get your email account by opening Internet Explorer and entering in the address bar.

What is the format for campus email addresses?

What password do I use and how do I change it?

Your KishID login and password will be used to access Outlook Web Access. To change your password, please visit the KishID page.

Where can I find more information about email best practices at the college?

The Marketing department has assembled best practice information: Email Best Practices

What is my account quota (storage space)

You have a total of 1 GB for your account. An email reminder will be sent to your account before you are over quota.

How can I find how much space I have left in my quota?

To find your quota, put your mouse pointer over the first folder that has your name and a box will appear with your information.

What happens if I go over quota?

If you go over quota you will still receive emails but you will not be able to send any email until you are under your quota. To increase your free space, empty the deleted items folder or the sent items folder.

Can I request a larger space quota?

If you feel you need a larger quota for your account, please contact the Help Desk.

How can I free up space in my quota?

To increase free space:

  • Delete items from your inbox.
  • Empty the deleted items folder - with your mouse, right click on the folder and choose empty folder.
  • Empty the sent items folder - with your mouse, right click on the folder and choose empty folder.
  • Download attachments from emails to your network drive, delete the original email with the attachment.

Will the college have a mandatory email disclaimer?

Yes, all message from the college email system will include a email disclaimer.

NOTICE: This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please notify the system manager. If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this email. Please notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received this e-mail by mistake and delete this e-mail from your system.

WARNING: Although our organization has taken reasonable precautions to ensure no viruses are present in this email, we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this email or attachments.

Will OWA log off automatically if inactive?

To help protect your mailbox from unauthorized access, Outlook Web App automatically closes its connection to your mailbox after a period of inactivity when logged in under the public option.

Why do email addresses not work some times?

Generally, these issues are related to entering an incorrect email address, some common mistakes;

  • The @kc is for internal use only.
  • Nicknames - Bob instead of Robert.



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