Using the Calypso AV Control System

"The White Box"

It is the intent to remove the need for multiple remote controls to use the AV equipment for each room. By simply pressing a "button" on a screen you can control the digital projector and its related equipment.

*If you are using the PC computer located in the Instructor's desk, you must turn that on separately by pushing the POWER button located on the front panel of the computer.

To begin, press the "HOME" button at the bottom of the touch screen, or gently press the touchscreen. Your HOME page should look like this:

The Power button will automatically take you to a 2nd screen that will allow you to turn ON or OFF all of the associated equipment. Pushing ON will turn on the: Projector, Document Camera, DVD/VHS deck and audio system.


To turn OFF the same equipment, push OFF on this screen. DO NOT turn on or off individual pieces of equipment. Always use the main ON or OFF buttons of the control system.

After turning ON the equipment, you will be shown the INPUT screen. This screen allows you to select which piece of equipment you would like to show on the room screen. Your choices are: Instructor PC, Laptop, Document Camera, and DVD or VHS.

If you select PC or Laptop, you will be shown a temporary page that reminds you to turn ON the PC or to be sure your laptop is connected and the Monitor Output is activated*. This screen will automatically disappear in 10 seconds or you can touch the screen to go on.
* Depending on your laptop brand, this may be done by pushing Fn + F5. Check your operator's manual that came with your laptop. The correct button may have a picture of a small computer screen on it. On some laptops you may have to push two keys at the same time, such as Function (Fn) or Control (Ctrl) and the key with the picture on it
VHS and DVD Controls

By selecting the VHS input, you will be shown the controls for operating the VHS Deck. After you insert the tape, you can push STOP, PLAY, PAUSE, REWIND, or FAST FORWARD.

You will notice that you can also control the Volume by either tapping the button or holding it until you get the sound level you want. In fact, Volume controls are available on ALL screens.


When done with the tape control screen, push the INPUT button to return to the INPUT screen.

Just like the VHS player, when you select the DVD Input, you are taken to a new screen for operation of the DVD Player. Only this time you have more choices!


This screen allows you to access the normal controls of STOP, PLAY, PAUSE, REWIND and FAST FORWARD.

Press DVD Main to return to the other control options.



This screen allows you to select and move around the MENU screen of the DVD. Each DVD menu layout is different, but you can move UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT and ENTER when you make your selection.

To return to the previous screen press DVD MAIN.

DVD NAV is similar to the DVD MENU button, but does not call up the menu screen on the DVD itself.

Pressing the HOME button will always take you back to the home screen!

PIC MUTE will blank the projector screen without affecting what is on the instructor's monitor. You can use this button when you don't want the students to see what you are doing on the computer, and/or redirect the focus away from the projector screen.

CAPTION on/off: This button will turn ON or OFF the CLOSED-CAPTIONING text for videos from the VHS or DVD player. Your video must have CC encoded on it for this to work! Not all videos have this feature on the program.

AUDIO on/off is the mute equivalent for sound. You can mute the audio by pushing this button without having to use the VOLume controls.

TROUBLESHOOTING NOTE: These buttons toggle each feature. Each time you press one of these buttons, you will see the following screen.

Touch anywhere on the screen to return HOME.



Have Patience! Call Media Services if you are experiencing problems, x2260.