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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to KishSOS?
All students who have registered for credit courses since Fall 2006.

If you were previously a student and it has been over 2 years since you took credit courses you will need to submit a new Admission form.

If you have been a student since Fall 2006 and are still not able to access KishSOS, there may be many reasons why you can't.  Please contact Admissions, Registration, and Records during regular business hours: M-Th. 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, F 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, 815-825-2086 x4900.

Currently enrolled students in High School are not able to register online.  They must register in person.
What do I need to access KishSOS?
You must have internet access, an e-mail, and a KishSOS account.
What if I don't know my password?
Follow this link for a video on KishID & password.
Are there classes I can not register for in KishSOS?
Some classes are not available to register through KishSOS and require walk-in registration.
What is KIPP?
KIPP is the Kishwaukee Installment Payment Plan. Visit for more information about KIPP.

I lost my schedule, how do I get a new one printed?
In KishSOS, under my Student Info, under Academic Profile, click on "My Schedule" and select a semester. 
What is my Kish e-mail address?
Your Kish e-mail address will be your User ID from KishSOS followed by

First Name Last Name
Kody Kougar
How do I access my Kish Student e-mail?
  1. Student Email
  2. Fill in username and password fields and click Sign In.
  3. To access email, click on the Email link to the right.
  4. Welcome to your email!
How do I forward my Kish Student E-mail to another account*?
  1. From the email screen, click Settings in the upper right hand corner.
  2. On the settings screen, click Forwarding and POP/IMAP, the fifth tab from the left.
  3. Choose Forwarding and fill in an email address you'd like your email sent to. Choose an option from the drop down menu.
  4. Click Save Changes

*If you choose to forward your e-mail, please be advised that all communication from and within the college will use your Kishwaukee student e-mail.  When communicating with instructors or employees of the College you are required to use your Kishwaukee College e-mail address.
How do I change my e-mail account password?
Follow this link for a video on KishID & password.
Student can not see "My Student Info" Bar
If a student can login, but can only see two bars of the Student Menu: Log In Help and My Application, they will need to change the resolution size of their monitor.
Follow these steps to reset your monitor's resolution.
  1. With your mouse, right click on your Desktop. Any part of the desktop without an icon or open window will work.
  2. From the pop up menu select Properties. (Left click)
  3. From the new menu select Settings (Left click)
  4. Under Screen Resolution move the arrow to the right until you see 1024x768
  5. Select Apply (Left click)
  6. Select OK (Left click)
    1024x768 screen resolution
Who do I contact if I can't access KishSOS or Kishwaukee College e-mail?
Contact the Help Desk via email or phone (815-825-2086, ext. 4357) for the following types of technical issues (please include the error message):
I have a question and it is not listed here. Who do I call?

Contact the Admissions, Registration, and Records office via email or phone (815-825-2086 ext. 2740) for questions or issues related to the KishSOS registration or admissions screens.

Contact the Business Office via email or phone (815-825-2086 ext. 3410) for questions or issues related to KIPP, or issues related to KishSOS Account Balance or Make a Payment screens.

Contact the Financial Aid office via email or phone (815-825-2086 ext. 2240) for questions or issues related to the KishSOS Financial Aid screens.

Contact the Bookstore via phone (815-825-2086 ext. 2270) for questions or issues related to books.

What do the abbreviations stand for?

AFDK At Facility in DeKalb
AH - Affiliated Hospital
ANB - American National Bank
ARPT - Airport
BCM - Baptist Campus Ministry
BV  Buena Vista
CA - Caukin
CC - Conexion Comunidad
CCA - Cornerstone Christian Academy
CS - Central School
CVCA - Chicago Vocation Career Academy
DC - Day Care Center
DCPS - DeKalb County Public Saftey Building
DCR DeKalb County Rehab/Nursing
DEL Delnor
DGS - Davenport Grade School
DKHS - DeKalb High School
F - Friday
GGS - Golden Gait Stable
GKFD - Genoa Fire Department
GKHS - Genoa-Kingston High School
HYB - Hybrid
ICHS - Indian Creek High School
KCH - Kishwaukee Community Hospital
KEC - Kishwaukee Education Consortium
M - Monday
NIDU - NIU DuSable
NIEF - NIU Evans Field House
NIMB - NIU Music Building
NIMC - NIU McMurray
NIWZ - NIU Wirtz
OAH - Off Campus Affiliated Hospital
ONL - Online
ORHS - Oregon High School
OSF - Saint Anthony Hospital
PAF - Posted At Facility
PEDS Pediatrics
PPHS - Paw Paw High School
R - Thursday
RMH - Rockford Memorial Hospital
RCH - Rochelle Community Hospital
RTHS - Rochelle High School
SA - Saturday
SAH - Swedish American Hospital
SHS - Sycamore High School
T - Tuesday
TBA - To Be Advised
SU - Sunday
UP - University Plaza Basement
VL - Various Locations
W - Wednesday
WRFP - Wilkenson/Renwick Marsh Forest Preserve