Computer Requirements for Online Courses

Computer Software & Hardware Requirements

To access online courses at Kishwaukee College it is recommended that students use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Internet Explorer, which can be downloaded via the Internet for free by clicking the button below.

Download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox Download the latest version of Google Chrome Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer


Because Brightspace is accessed through the Internet, you will need to have access to a personal computer and the hardware and software resources needed to access the Internet. It is a student's responsibility to have a personal computer and Internet access. Suggestions for each are listed below:


The computer must be robust enough to run one of the recent web browsers and download files in a reasonable amount of time. For personal computers, we recommend any computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X. Most modern computers bought in the last few years should suffice.

NOTE: The last few years have brought amazing advancements to the mobile technology marketplace with the introduction of smartphones and tablets such as the Apple iPhone and iPad (iOS), Google Android (Android OS) devices and Chromebooks (Chrome OS), and Microsoft Windows Phone (WP). While these are great devices to use for Internet-based access, they are not personal computers and because of the limited functionality with their operating systems (OS) are not recommended for use with online courses.

Internet Access

You will need access to the Internet, either through a dial-up modem or broadband (recommended) connection from home, a network at your place of business, or in a computer lab at the College. The modem should be at least 56kbps or better.

Web Browser

The browser that you use is important. Check your browser's compatibility with Brightspace at D2L's System Check page.

Other Software

There are other recommended software installations for particular online courses. Please check your individual courses or with your instructor to see which software they may or may not use in their courses. The software available for download include: Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files, the Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Viewer for those who do not have the full version of Word or PowerPoint installed on their computers, Apple QuickTime 7 for viewing streaming audio/video, and Oracle Java for functionality with some streaming media presentations.

Get Adobe Reader Get Microsoft Word Viewer Get Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer Get Apple QuickTime Get Oracle Java
Acrobat Reader
Word Viewer
PowerPoint Viewer


Contact Information

For more information, please contact Brian Magnuson, Online Courses Coordinator at (815) 825-2086, ext. 3310, or visit Media Services in A1252.

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