Financial Aid Sources

Name/Source Who is Eligible? Value & Duration When & How to Apply
1. Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) Monetary Award (MAP)(State) Undergraduate students who are enrolled for a minimum of 3 credits hours per term, who are Illinois residents and who demonstrate financial need, who have not used more than 75 MAP paid credit hours while enrolled at the Freshman or Sophomore Level. Tuition and mandatory fees; renewable for up to 75 MAP paid credit hours for the Freshman or Sophomore level and 135 MAP paid credit hours for the Junior and Senior level with continued financial need. Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Applications are available at Funding unlikely for 2014-2015 applications submitted after 2-27-2014. For additional information visit ISAC's website.
2. Federal Pell Grant Undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need. Eligibility is based on the expected family financial contribution, the cost of college attendance, and the amount of funds available. Varies with the student's financial need and enrollment status. Awards made for one year; renewable while there is financial need for 12 full-time semesters or until receipt of first bachelor's degree, whichever comes first. Maximum grant at Kishwaukee is $5,550 annually for full-time students. See 1 above. Complete Kishwaukee College Financial Aid Application and satisfactory academic progress statement. Apply by July 1st for priority consideration. Application must be submitted prior to the last day of the semester to qualify. Application turn around is usually 4-6 weeks after initial submission.
3. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) Undergraduate students with financial need who attend at least half-time. $200-$500 per year; varies with the student's financial need and fund availability. Awards made for one year; renewable while there is financial need for 12 full-time semesters or until receipt of first bachelor's degree, whichever comes first. See 2 above. Funds usually not available for new spring applicants.
4. Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) Undergraduate and graduate students who are at least half-time and who demonstrate financial need. Students apply for on-campus jobs related to their experience, interests, goals, and job availability. Minimum wage is paid. See 2 above. Most Federal Work-Study positions are filled within the first two weeks of the semester. Visit their website for available positions.
5. Silas Purnell Illinois Incentive for Access Program (IIA) (State) Illinois resident. First-time freshman students who are enrolled at least half-time who have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of O as determined by the federal government. $250 per semester, $500 maximum award. See 2 above. This program has not been funded since 2010.
6. Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG) (State) Veterans who were Illinois residents when entering military service, who have served at least one year of active duty, and who returned to Illinois within six months from the date of honorable discharge. Tuition and mandatory fees. Usage is determined by a point system, maximum points available are 120. It does not cover GED coursework. Qualified applicants must notify the financial aid office of their eligibility status as soon as possible, but not later than the last scheduled day of classes for the term for which the grant is requested. Applications are available at the Financial Aid Office or online from ISAC's website. A copy of the veteran's DD214 form is required with the application. Application turn around is 4-6 weeks.
7. Illinois National Guard Grant Program (ING) (State) Students who have served for at least one year in the Illinois National Guard or Naval Militia and who continue to be a member of the Guard or Militia while enrolled. Tuition and mandatory fees for eight semesters of either full-time or part-time study. It does not cover GED coursework or non-credit courses. Apply to the Illinois Student Assistance Commission by 10-1-2013 for the fall term and 3-1-2014 for spring term. Applications available from unit or Financial Aid Office or online at ISAC's website. Application turnaround is approx. 4-6 weeks.
8. Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program Half and full-time students who demonstrate financial need. $200-$10,500 based on academic classification and financial need. Undergraduate dependent lifetime limit of $23,000. Undergraduate independent lifetime limit of $57,500. Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized loans are available based on financial need. Interest rate for Subsidized loans is 0% in school and 3.68% fixed after leaving school. Interest rate for Unsubsidized loans is 3.68% fixed both in and out of school. Repayment begins 6 months after student leaves school. Loans are made for a semester or academic year. See 2 above. Official academic transcripts from all previous colleges are required. Loan application is available at the Financial Aid Office. Students must also complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note at prior to receiving student loans. Application deadline for fall 2014 loans is 10-20-2014 and for spring 2015 loans is 03-16-2015.
9. Kishwaukee College Academic Achievement Award (Local) Twenty awards are available to in-district high school graduating class. Students must rank in the top 25% of their senior class. In district tuition and mandatory fee waivers each year. Recipients must complete 12 semester hours with a 3.100 GPA each term the award is received. Contact Financial Aid Office or high school counselor. Official high school transcript and letters of recommendation are required. Students are also required to complete FAFSA each year. Awards are made immediately after high school graduation. Apply at the Financial Aid Office during last semester in high school. April deadline.
10. Kishwaukee College Achievement Award (Local) Member of Forensic Team, Kaleidoscope (Student Newspaper) or Student Association. Same as 9 above. Each semester student must complete 12 semester hours with a 2.000 grade point average. Contact coach or advisor of team or organization or Financial Aid Office.
11. Kishwaukee College Athletic Achievement Award (Local) Member of Men's Baseball, Basketball; Soccer and Women's Basketball, Softball, or Volleyball; or Golf or Soccer Teams. Tuition, fees, and/or books. Same as 9 above. Contact Athletic Director, team coach, or Financial Aid Office.
12. Kishwaukee College Foundation Award (Local) Full or part-time in-district students. $100-$400 per semester. See 2. Deadline for the fall 2014 semester is 4-8-2014.
13. Emergency Loan Fund in honor of former faculty member Stan Hagen (Local) Available to full-time students with unforeseen emergencies related to the costs of attending school. Emergency loans cannot be used for tuition and fees or book expenses. $50 maximum interest-free loans. Emergency loans are generally on a 30-day repayment basis and must be repaid within the semester in which funds are loaned. Maximum of one emergency loan per semester. Apply at the Financial Aid Office at Kishwaukee College after the refund period of each semester. Tuition and fees must be paid prior to receiving emergency loan. Verification of emergency expense required.
14. Adult Center Emergency Loan (Local) Adult students age 23 or over with unforeseen emergencies related to the costs of attending school. Emergency loans of up to $100 generally repaid in 30 days or by the end of the semester in which funds are loaned. Maximum of one emergency loan per semester. Apply at the Financial Aid Office after the refund period of each semester. See 13 above.
15. Benefits for Veterans (Montgomery GI Bill®/Post 9-11 GI Bill®/Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP))(Federal) Veterans attending Kishwaukee College may be eligible for educational benefits under the G.I. Bill®. Must have at least 181 continuous active service days with the date of entry on or before Dec. 31, 1976, and received other than dishonorable discharge. Benefits must usually be used within 10 years from date of discharge. Benefits include a monthly allotment for students based on their enrollment status. If less than half-time, tuition and fees will be paid by the V.A. Tutorial assistance and a veteran work-study program are available. Contact the Kishwaukee College Veterans Affairs Office to complete a Veterans Enrollment Cerification Request form each term to receive monthly benefits. A certified copy of the veteran's VA form DD214, is required to initiate benefits. Monthly payments to the student from the VA arrive approximately 6-10 weeks after enrollment certification by the Veterans Office. For more information visit
16. Vocational Rehabilitation for Veterans (Federal) WWII vets or thereafter, discharged under other than dishonorable conditions. Must be eligible for disability compensation from V.A. within 9 years from date of discharge. Benefits include a monthly allotment, books, supplies, and other necessary school-related items and tutorial assistance. 48 months maximum usage. See 15 above.
17. Survivors & Dependents of Educational Assistance Program (DEA)(Federal) Son, daughter, or spouse of veteran who died in service, died as a result of service-connected disability, or who became permanently or totally disabled as result of service-connected disability; who dies while disability was in existence. Dependents of veterans who were listed as MIA, captured or detained in line of duty by foreign government for more than 90 days also qualify. Benefits include a monthly allotment and tutorial assistance. 45 months maximum usage. For MIA or POW only until end of current term after return of veteran. See 15 above.
18. Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) Veterans who are at least 35 but no more than 60 years old; are unemployed on the date of application; received an other than dishonorable discharge; are not eligible for any other VA education benefit program (e.g.: the Post-9/11 GI Bill®, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Employment Assistance); are not in receipt of VA compensation due to unemployability; and are not enrolled in a federal or state job training program. The program chosen by the participant must be in a high-demand occupations as defined by the Department of Labor. Participants must attend full-time in order to receive up to 12 months of assistance equal to the monthly full-time payment rate under the Montgomery GI Bill®-Active Duty Program ($1,564 effective October 1, 2012). This program is no longer funded as of March 31, 2014.
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