Veterans Programs

Kishwaukee College Survey of Services and Programs Provided for Veterans, Active Duty Military Personnel and Families In Accordance with the Higher Education Veterans Services Act (PA 96-0133) October 2009.

Kishwaukee College appreciates the service of our active-duty and veteran students and seeks to provide the services needed to support these students with their initial transition to college and throughout their enrollment. Following is a summary of services currently available.

Contact information for the coordinator of veterans’ services:

  • LaVerna Lyons, Assistant Coordinator
    Financial Aid/ Veterans Affairs
    C2150 Financial Aid Office
    815-825-2086, ext. 2240
    Please contact Ms. Lyons for information regarding military educational benefits, military/other credit evaluation procedure
  • Chuck Walters, Counselor
    C2110 Counseling and Student Development
    815-825-2086 ext. 2480
    Please contact Mr. Walters for information regarding educational accommodations, support related to PTSD and TBI, referral to other college and community resources, and the student veterans’ organization.
  1. Kishwaukee College identifies veterans and active duty military personnel through our admissions application and financial aid process.
  2. During the 2012-2013 year, Kishwaukee College served approximately 177 veterans and active duty personnel.
  3. Special services are available to veterans, active duty personnel and their families through the offices of Admissions and Records, Financial Aid /Veterans Affairs,  Counseling and Student Development Office and Office of Assistive Resources. Individuals interested in inquiring about services available should contact LaVerna Lyons or Chuck Walters as indicated above.
  4. Chuck Walters has volunteered to be the advisor to the student veterans organization. Anyone interested in learning more about the organization, should contact Chuck Walters as indicated above.
  5. Kishwaukee College allows students called to active duty during the semester may request to be withdrawn from the class and receive a 100% refund, try to complete the courses in progress, or request incomplete grades. The most appropriate action will depend on the time during which the student is called to duty. Students called to duty should contact their instructors and the Vice President of Student Services at 815/825-2086, ext. 2350.
  6. Kishwaukee College accepts military credit according to the ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services and accepts DANTES credits. Veterans may earn 4 hours of college credit for completing basic training by submitting a DD214 with honorable discharge or other proof of completion of basic training.  Submission of an AARTS transcript will help expedite the evaluation process.
  7. Professional development training related to veterans and active duty personnel is available to Kishwaukee College staff. Interested staff should contact Pamela Wagener, Coordinator of Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs at 815/825-2083, ext. 3720.
  8. Student veterans, active duty military personnel and family members may take advantage of all of the support services available to other Kishwaukee College students. Those services include, but are not limited to: Academic Advising, Career Services, Child Care, Counseling, Financial Aid, Learning Assistance Center/Tutoring, Library, and Student Assistive Resources. Descriptions of the services available and the contact information for each area are provided on the Kishwaukee College website at
  9. Student veterans, active duty personnel and family members may also take advantage of social events and other activities provided to other Kishwaukee College students through Student Life. Descriptions of the student life opportunities available and contact information are available on the Kishwaukee College website at
  10. We appreciate the suggestions of student veterans, active duty personnel and family members in making our college more veteran-friendly. Please send your suggestions to LaVerna Lyons, Chuck Walters or Pamela Wagener as indicated above.
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Supporting our Veterans