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aukee College Complementary Health Programs –Therapeutic Massage and Esthetics – will be holding Information Sessions for prospective students the first Wednesday of each month at noon and at 5:30p.m. in Room B1240. The next information session will be held on Wednesday, September 3. Pictured are, L to R, Mandi Martin, Esthetics faculty, and Leslie Ciaccio, Coordinator of Complementary Health, at one of the new Esthetics classroom’s student workstations in the Complementary Health Clinic at Kishwaukee College. For more information about the Complementary Health Programs Information Sessions, contact Leslie Ciaccio at 815-825-2086, ext. 2590 or at

KC holds Massage and Esthetics information sessions

Friday, August 8, 2014

Students interested in pursuing a certificate in Therapeutic Massage or Esthetics at Kishwaukee College can now attend regularly scheduled information sessions on campus the first Wednesday of each month. There will be two sessions available: one at noon and the second at 5:30p.m., with both sessions meeting in Room B1240 on campus. The next information session will be held on Wednesday, September 3.

Leslie Ciaccio, Coordinator of the Complementary Health Department that offers the two programs, stated, "The information sessions are a great way for prospective students to learn more about these programs before enrolling. We are excited to offer this opportunity to community residents who want to know more about careers in Therapeutic Massage and Esthetics."

Kishwaukee College has offered its successful Therapeutic Massage program for several years. The program is COMTA (Commission On Massage Therapy Accreditation) accredited through 2016 and follows a rigorous 696-hour curriculum which includes classroom instruction as well as extensive hands-on experiences. Students practice massage techniques on each other and, later in the program, on clients who make appointments at the Complementary Health Clinic.

Esthetics is a new program, added to the Complementary Health department this summer. Esthetics focuses on evaluation and care of the skin, going beyond cosmetic appearance to focusing on the skin as an indicator of overall health and well-being. Mandi Martin, lead Esthetics instructor, noted, "Because we are focusing on Esthetics and not cosmetology and because we are a college that offers variety of programs, students will receive a well-rounded education through the Kishwaukee College Esthetics Program. The facility is new and offers state-of-the-art equipment. Graduates of our Esthetics program will be very well prepared to enter the workforce."

Leslie Ciaccio added, "We created this curriculum to be one of the best programs in Esthetics out there. Our graduates will be ready to work in the field in a variety of settings: from medical offices to salons and spas. Many Therapeutic Massage professionals — including Kishwaukee College grads — have been requesting an Esthetics Program to expand their professional skill set. Massage Therapists already have most of the prerequisites completed and are ready to step right into the Esthetics Program!"

The first prerequisite class in Esthetics, EST 100 Introduction to Esthetics, is an 8-week course that will be offered on Tuesdays, August 26 — October 10, from 9 — 11:45a.m. A second section will be offered on Tuesdays, October 21 — December 19, from 5:30 — 8:15p.m. The class is one-credit hour.

For more information on Therapeutic Massage, Esthetics and the Information Sessions, contact Leslie Ciaccio, Coordinator of Complementary Health, at 815-825-2086, ext. 2590 or at

The Fall semester at Kishwaukee College begins August 25; registration is currently in progress. For more information on enrolling in Kishwaukee College, contact New Student Connections at 815-825-2086, ext. 6099 or email or visit

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