KCMA/NIU Algebra

KCMA is a cooperative agreement between Northern Illinois University and Kishwaukee College designed to fulfill Northern Illinois University students’ need to complete Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra or both.

Courses are offered by Kishwaukee College on Northern Illinois University’s Campus. This means students will have a transcript on file at Kishwaukee. A grade report will be available to the student on myKC and a transcript will be sent to NIU following course completion.


1. Get your KISH ID USERNAME and set your Password
  • Visit KishSOS
  • Choose to "Continue to KISHSOS"
  • Choose "Log In Help"
  • Choose "What's my KISH ID Information?"
  • Enter your last name and KISH ID Number listed above. Please save this KISH ID USERNAME for later when you log into KISHSOS.
  • Go to https://www.kishwaukeecollege.edu/kishid/
  • Choose "Set up your KISH ID account"
  • Enter your last name and KISH ID Number listed above
  • Select 3 questions and answers you want to use to set help identify yourself
  • Enter the password you want and re-enter it to confirm that password
2. Log In to KISHSOS
  • Visit KISHSOS - a link on the homepage - www.kishwaukeecollege.edu
  • Choose to "Continue to KISHSOS"
  • Log in
  • Using your KISH ID USERNAME and password
  • You may wish to view your Profile
3. Register for your MAT Class
  • When logged into the Student Database of KISHSOS
  • Choose "Register" to search and register for classes
  • Under "Term" indicate which term (FL or SP)
  • Under "Subject" choose "Mathematics"
  • Under "Course Number" type "098" or "096"
  • Under "Location" choose "DeKalb"
  • Select the course you would like to register for
  • Be sure that it is a KCMA course type which means it meets on NIU's campus
  • Indicate the action "Register" for that course and "Submit"

How to Drop/Withdraw from a class

Placement Testing:

Students placing in the following NIU placement test levels will register according to the information listed below:

         Level E         (An additional placement test is needed to determine placement between MAT 096 or MAT 098. See link for further info.)

         Level D         See link above for more info.

Chance Students

Any chance students that have been unsuccessful in MATH 108 and/or MATH 109 are suggested to enter into the KCMA program.

The student wishing to register for a KCMA math class should contact NIU’s Testing Services to allow the release of their biographical data to Kishwaukee College.

Once Kishwaukee College receives a student’s biographical data, an email will be sent to the student’s NIU Z-email account that includes the student’s KISH STUDENT ID # as well as the step by step procedure to register for classes.

Note:  All Chance Students will be required to take the COMPASS placement test to determine their placement between either MAT 096 or MAT 098 before registering.

Payment Information

Tuition is paid directly to Kishwaukee College.

If you are a student who receiving any financial aid, scholarship, or grants from Northern Illinois University, be aware that the aid at NIU will NOT pay for the tuition/fees for the Kishwaukee College KCMA course. It is YOUR responsibility to pay for this course.

Tuition & Payment Information

Kishwaukee College Refund Policy

Course Contact Information:

Nicole Criswell
KCMA Coordinator
815-825-2086, ext. 5440

Kathy Mershon
Administrative Assistant, Math/Science/Business Division
815-825-2086, ext. 2070

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