Therapeutic Massage Estimated Costs

Total tuition cost of the program is approximately $5,912. Costs are subject to change.

Other required program materials, supplies, and expenses are listed below.

Other Required Expenses (Subject to change)
AMTA Student Membership $45
5 professional massages (maximum, may be fewer) $250
2 gallons massage oil or lotion $150
1 portable massage table $600
Linens $200
Books (approximate cost) $1000
Total estimated additional expenses $2245


Student should take the NCETM certification exam or the MBLEx exam upon graudation. The examination cost is approximately $185-195. This is not a graduation requirement, but it is required to apply for an Illinois Massage Therapist license.

After passing an approved exam, Illinois massage therapists must apply for licensure thrugh the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation to practice massage therapy in the State. Graduates should plan to spend $230 total for the initial licensure. This includes $175 to apply for the license and approximiately $55 for fingerprinting.

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