Kishwaukee Black Caucus

Kishwaukee Black Caucus Mission Statement

The Kishwaukee College Black Caucus (KBC) shall empower African-American Students and Students of African Diaspora academically, socially, and politically. The KBC mission shall advocate for African- American Students, bring important issues concerning the KBC to the attention of Kishwaukee College leadership, build a strong sense of relationship and community among the Kishwaukee College administration, faculty, staff and students, and enhance the professional welfare and development of the membership.

2013-2014 Committee Members:

Cassandra Downs (Chairwoman) - Counselor
C2111, Ext. 4500,

Pernevlon Ellis (Asst. Chairman) - Instructor, Sociology
A2214, Ext. 5600,

Adrian Daniels (Secretary) - Secretary, Counseling
C2110, Ext. 5080,

Keith R. Barnes - Coordinator, Access, Equity and Diversity
C2118, Ext. 5590,

Craig Cunningham - Adjunct Instructor, Business
Ext. 2070,

Kim Green - Coordinator/Instructor, Right to Succeed
C1217, Ext. 5200,

Sedgwick Harris - Vice President for Student Services
C2165, Ext. 2350,

Ngum Eric Mangek - Adjunct Instructor, English
Ext. 2600,

Leonard McCall - Adjunct Instructor, English
Ext. 2600,

SyLinda Menafee - Coordinator, Retention and Student Success
C1103, Ext. 2352,

Paula Stroud - Instructor, Psychology
A2209, Ext. 2630,

Francis Wasonga - Admissions Clerk
C2100, Ext. 4900,

Meeting Dates:

*All meetings will be from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. in C2125 (subject to change)

2013 - September 26th, October 24th, & November 21st

2014 - January 30th, February 27th, March 27th, and April 24th

NOTE: special social events to be held in December of 2013 and May of 2014 - TBA

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