Gender and Sexuality Diversity

Our goals

  • For our GSD students and employees to feel safe and valued at work and at school.
  • To welcome, educate and provide resources and support including a campus student group.
  • To help heterosexual staff and students understand and support their GSD friends and relatives.
  • To increase awareness of discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.
  • To broaden appreciation for diversity through promoting understanding of GSD communities.


Third Thursday of each month at 2 p.m. in the Access, Equity, and Diversity Center (excluding third Thursdays that fall during finals and breaks).

Kishwaukee College Allies Program

The Allies Program provides support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender students and employees. Nearly seventy faculty and staff have chosen to be a part of this program. They display Allies symbols indicating that they are interested in and comfortable talking with Kish’s LGBT population or any others who may have questions or concerns. If they are unable to answer questions, they will know where to make referrals.

The Allies Symbol

ALLIES pink triangleThe pink triangle and the rainbow flag were chosen for the Kishwaukee College Allies symbol.

Thousands of gay men in WWII Nazi concentration camps were labeled with pink triangles. Displayed with the point down, the pink triangle has been reclaimed by the gay community as a symbol of remembrance and pride. The rainbow flag, displayed with the red stripe on top, was designed by Gilbert Baker in San Francisco in 1979 to celebrate the diversity of the Gay community. The symbols have now been embraced by and are used by the entire LGBT community.

Kishwaukee College Committee on Gender and Sexuality Diversity

Kishwaukee College faculty, staff, and administrators are invited to join the Committee on Gender and Sexuality Diversity (GSD). Members of this committee facilitate awareness, plan educational programs and displays, and organize the Ally Program.


President: Daniel Sheridan
Advisor: Ami Irmen, A2235, ext 2780.

For more information

Contact Ami Irmen, A2235, ext. 2780 or Bonnie Miller-O'Dell, A2204, ext. 3010.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms - map of locations

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