What is an Internship?

An internship is a hands-on, work-based learning experience that helps connect classroom knowledge to a real work environment. Internships are a great way to gain first-hand experience in your field of study, acquire marketable skills, gain valuable work experience, help you solidify a career choice, and provide a chance to network with professionals in your industry.

  • There are several types of internships: paid, unpaid, for academic credit or informational only
  • Internships may be part-time or full-time and can occur during the academic semester or over the summer

“On average, college graduates who have an internship on their resumes are 12% more likely to be hired and earn $7,000 more than graduates who did not.” – CBS News

If you are not sure if an internship is right for you, register for:
Exploring Internship Opportunities Workshop or Schedule An Appointment with the Career Center Coordinator

Internships for Credit

Students wishing to obtain an internship for credit must meet departmental requirements which may include the following:

  • Enrollment in the Degree Program
  • Enrollment in a Preparatory Orientation Course
  • Meeting with a Faculty Advisor Prior to Enrolling in the Internship
  • Enrollment in the Internship Course

These internships are supervised by appointed faculty members and certain criteria must be met to receive credit. Please review the LIST OF DEPARTMENTS that offer internships for credit.

Non-Credit Internship Process

Get Prepared:

  • You must complete the Student Internship Application Form and return it to the Career Center
  • Register for the Internship Preparation Workshop or make an individual appointment with the Career Center staff

Make the most of your internship by registering for:
Preparing For An Internship or Scheduling An Appointment with the Career Center Coordinator

Where Do I Find Internships

If you are a current Kishwaukee College Student AND have attended an Internship Workshop, met with your Program Advisor or a Career Center Staff Member...


You can find Internship Openings on the Career Center MyKC page or College Central Network!


Other Ideas:

  • See a Career Center Staff Member for internship listings and ideas!
  • Sign up for our Internship Distribution List - emails sent monthly of new internships listed through our office! (You may only join this Distribution List after attending a Preparing For An Internship workshop or an individual appointment with the Career Center staff.)
  • For Internships in DeKalb and Ogle County go to: Kish CareerLink  
  • If you are not finding what you are looking for with the above resources, you can try these Internship Specific Sites. Please note that Kishwaukee College is not affiliated with these sites.

Congratulations! You Got the Internship:

  • Complete required paperwork with a Career Center staff member or your Program Advisor
  • Treat your internship like a job – be on-time, appropriately dressed, silence your cell phone, have a positive attitude and be willing to learn!
  • Consider your internship an extended interview - it may lead to a career position.

Follow-Up After You Complete Your Internship:

  • Complete the Internship Evaluation Form and return it to the Career Center
  • Send a “Thank you” to the organization
  • Ask for a reference from your supervisor, if it is appropriate
  • Update your resume with the experience
  • Record contacts you made in your Employment Portfolio – they can become future networking sources
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