The Library has three eBook collections: Axis360, EBL (CARLI eBooks), and EBSCOHost E-Book Collection, which feature a range of academic and for-fun books designed to complement Kishwaukee’s print collection.


To check out books, click “Login” and enter the following information:

  • Library Card ID = the letters “kc” plus your complete seven-digit Kish ID number, including any zeros at the beginning (e.g., kc9999999)
  • PIN = your last name, all lowercase (e.g., anderson)

Click here to log in

Users can download up to 5 eBooks at a time. Each item will be checked out for 21 days and may be returned early. When a title’s checkout period expires, it will automatically become inactive on your reading device(s) and be available to others for check out. Click on this link to learn which apps you need to download for your specific device.

EBL (CARLI eBooks)

EBL allows you to read, print and preview books before choosing to download and read offline. While on-campus, create your EBL account. You will then be able to access over 29,000 EBL books both on- and off-campus.


This collection allows you to read full text e-books online and print & copy sections of the e-book. To access this collection off-campus, sign into your MyKC account and access the collection through the Library's MyKC E-Book page.

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