Transfer Planning Services

Transferring to a Four Year School

You are strongly encouraged to seek the assistance of a counselor when planning coursework for transfer. Here are a few of the ways you can approach the transfer process:

  1. Earn one of the following degrees in any of the transfer programs Kishwaukee College offers:
    • Associate in Science (AS)
    • Associate in Arts (AA)
    • Associate in Engineering Science (AES)
    • Associate in Fine Arts (AFA)
    AA/AS Transfer Planning Sheets are available for your convenience; if you are interested in completing an AES or AFA, consult a counselor for transfer information.
  2. Complete the Illinois Articulation Initiative General Education Core before transferring, requiring 37-41 semester hours.
  3. Use the Illinois Course Applicability System (CAS) and learn how courses transfer between Kishwaukee College and other CAS participating institutions.
  4. When you have selected the school you would like to transfer to, it is important that you review their specific admission and course requirements. Follow this link for transfer requirement information on several Illinois colleges.

Articulation/Transfer Planning

What is Articulation?

Articulation is the process where one college matches its courses or requirements to course work at another college or university. Students use course articulation to assure that the courses they complete will not have to be repeated at the institution to which they are transferring.

AA/AS Transfer Planning Sheets

If you are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university, you can use the Articulation Worksheet to help you decide which classes you need to take so you don't end up repeating courses.

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