Bob Johnson

August 12, 2009

To:  All residents of the Kishwaukee College District.

From:  Bob Johnson, Board of Trustees Chair

Kishwaukee College has been an important part of our community since it was founded in 1967. Many residents of our district have utilized Kishwaukee College to earn an Associates Degree, learn a trade, improve skills, or have fun learning in a non-credit class. The members of the Board of Trustees are:  Pam Blickem, Sycamore, Sam Finch, DeKalb, Bob Johnson, Waterman, Linda Mason, Genoa, Richard Ohlinger, Rochelle, Mark Pietrowski, Sycamore, Kathleen Spears, Shabbona, and Patrick McIntyre, Rochelle, Student Trustee.The Board is dedicated to serving the residents of the Kishwaukee College district.

Kishwaukee College operations are paid for through student tuition and fees, real estate taxes, and payments from the State of Illinois. Periodic capital and building additions have been funded with some State of Illinois funds, but mostly with bond proceeds after approval by district voters of four referenda over the past 42 years. As you know, the State of Illinois has major fiscal challenges. Even though funding from the State has declined significantly over recent years, Kish has continued to operate with conservative balanced budgets, while keeping student tuition below the average tuition at other Illinois community colleges. The Board of Trustees and the Kish College administration are determined to see Kishwaukee College continue to provide the high quality educational opportunities that are expected, while keeping costs as low as possible for students and taxpayers.

The Board has decided to inform you about our deliberations and decisions. This is the first of a series of communications that will attempt to provide you appropriate and timely information. If you have particular topics or questions that you would like to have addressed in the future, please email the Board at or mail your request to Board of Trustees, Kishwaukee College, 21193 Malta Road, Malta, IL 60150.

Thank you.

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