Communications from the Board of Trustees


March 26, 2010

To: All Kishwaukee College Students.

From: The Kishwaukee College Board of Trustees


Re: Tuition Increase

As you know, the State of Illinois is in a real financial mess. Kishwaukee College is supposed to receive about $4 million from the state each year (22% of our budget). Illinois has been very slow paying its bills and the problem seems to be getting worse. We held a special Board meeting on February 25 to discuss next year’s budget. The budget is very fiscally conservative with a strong focus on providing excellent instruction at low cost. However, because of the uncertainty of Illinois’ financial condition and its potential impact on Kishwaukee College, at our March 9 Board meeting, the board voted 6 – 2 to approve a tuition increase of $5 per credit hour and a technology fee increase of $1 per credit hour for summer 2010, fall 2010 and spring 2011 classes.

We understand that this increase is significant for all our current and future students. Even with these increases however, Kishwaukee College tuition and fees remain among the lowest in Illinois. Of the 48 Illinois community colleges, only eight will have a lower tuition and fee cost per credit hour than Kishwaukee College, and three of the eight will be only 1-2 dollars below us.

Kishwaukee College’s main priority continues to be to provide excellent educational opportunities for our students.

If you have particular topics or questions that you would like to have addressed, please email the Board at

Thank you.




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