KCAA Membership 2010-2011 List

Kishwaukee College Annuitants Association Members

There are currently 130 members in the KCAA.

Year Retired from Kish
Position Category Last Held at Kish
Akers, Richard Retiree 2000 Faculty
Anderson, Samantha Current Employee   Faculty
Baas, Glenn Retiree 2001 Administrator
Baj, Lisa Current Employee   Faculty
Banasiak, Tim Current Employee   Faculty
Barshinger, Phyllis Current Employee   Support Staff
Bennett, Jackie Retiree 2001 Support Staff
Bennett, Michael Retiree 2005 Faculty
Besserman, Al Retiree 1997 Faculty
Besserman, Fran Retiree 1997 Professional Staff
Bettner, Claudette Retiree 2008 Support Staff
Bonneau, Marilyn Surviving Spouse    
Bradbury, Janice Retiree 1994 Administrator
Braden, Kevin Current Employee   Support Staff
Brannon, Frances Retiree   Adjunct Faculty
Bridwell, Paula Retiree 2006 Support Staff
Brunworth, Dan Current Employee   Faculty
Canova, Bob Retiree   Faculty
Chesler, Carol Retiree 2003 Administrator
Chmielewski, Dolores Retiree 1990 Support Staff
Choice, Tom Current Employee   Administrator
Cichy, Evelina Current Employee   Administrator
Clark-Beard, Patricia Current Employee   Professional Staff
Cleaver, Jon Current Employee   Support Staff
Cochrane, Judie Retiree 2000 Support Staff
Cozort, Elaine Current Employee   Professional Staff
Creekmur, Larry Retiree 2006 Faculty
Creekmur, Sandy Spouse of Retiree    
Crouch, Linda Current Employee   Professional Staff
Crum, Jeanette Retiree 2002 Professional Staff
Cullison, Brian Retiree 2008 Support Staff
Cullop, Chris Current Employee   Faculty
DeLano, Richard Retiree   Faculty
DiMarzio, Esther Current Employee   Faculty
Eggleston, Anne-Marie Current Employee   Administrator
English, Jo Ann Retiree 1993 Faculty
Fenske, Karen Current Employee   Faculty
Flink, Donovan Current Employee   Faculty
Fox, Gudelia Retiree   Faculty
Fritsch, Rich Current Employee   Support Staff
Fuss, Kevin Current Employee   Administrator
Galick, Rob Current Employee   Administrator
Gallagher, Ada Retiree 1994 Support Staff
Getts, Don Retiree 1997 Faculty
Gliesman, Joanne Current Employee   Support Staff
Gommel, Dave Current Employee   Professional Staff
Grainger, Janice Retiree 2005 Faculty
Gresh, Mina Retiree 1988 Support Staff
Griswold, Butch Retiree 2010 Faculty
Griswold, Judy Retiree   Support Staff
Hannon, Helen Retiree 2001 Professional Staff
Hannon, Ralph Retiree 2001 Faculty
Harfst, Betsy Retiree 1990 Administrator
Harkness, Marguerite Retiree 1989 Faculty
Haub, Mary Current Employee   Support Staff
Hayes, Jeanne Retiree 2001 Professional Staff
Hickey, Bob Current Employee   Faculty
Higgs, Don Retiree 1997 Administrator
Hoecherl, Laurie Current Employee   Faculty
Houdek, Lea Retiree 2005 Professional Staff
Houdek, Lou Spouse of Retiree    
Hunyard, Robert Current Employee   Support Staff
Jenkins, Norman Retiree 2000 Administrator
Johansen, Larry Retiree 1997 Administrator
Johnson, Steve Current Employee   KEC
Jossendal, Jennifer Current Employee   Faculty
Julifs, Deb Retiree 2008 Adjunct
Jump, Bob Retiree   Support Staff
Keller, Donna Current Employee   Support Staff
Kelley, Maureen Current Employee   Support Staff
King, Leslie Retiree 2007 Faculty
Knoll, Jim Current Employee   Faculty
Koerner, Bonnie Retiree 2000 Faculty
Korineck, Samantha Current Employee   Support Staff
Krajewski, Judy Retiree 2004 Administrator
Lawrence, Bob Current Employee   Faculty
Lewis, Bob Retiree 2007 Faculty
Lipman, Brad Current Employee   Faculty
Lipps, Larry Retiree 2004 Faculty
Lord, Jodi Current Employee   Faculty
Louis, Dave Retiree 2007 Administrator
Lundberg, Patsy Retiree   Professional Staff
Male, Julie Current Employee   Professional Staff
Manning, Joyce Current Employee   Support Staff
Martin, Terry Retiree 2001 Faculty
Marty, Larry Retiree 2002 Faculty
McKenna, Neal Current Employee   Faculty
McNeilly, Diane Retiree 2000 Administrator
Miller, Michella Current Employee   Adjunct Faculty
Misciasci, Sally Retiree 2007 Support Staff
Mitchell, Patricia Current Employee   Faculty
Morlan, Diane Current Employee   Support Staff
Noreiko, Kate Current Employee   Administrator
Owens, Jan Retiree 2008 Faculty
Peters, Heather Current Employee   Faculty
Piatak, Doris Retiree 1995 Faculty
Pohl, Sara Current Employee   Administrator
Powers, Chuck Retiree 1995 Faculty
Quenett, Carol Retiree 2005 Administrator
Quenett, David Spouse of Retiree    
Read, Matt Current Employee   Faculty
Reiling, Shanna Current Employee   Support Staff
Renner, Patricia Retiree 2000 Support Staff
Rivera, Connie Retiree 2003 Support Staff
Rodriguez, Roger Current Employee   Support Staff
Schaeffer, Jane Retiree 1999 Faculty
Schnorr, Marcia Retiree 2006 Faculty
Schweitzer, Mary Retiree 2006 Professional Staff
Schwendau, Mark Current Employee   Faculty
Simpson, Judy Retiree 1997 Faculty
Smith, Ging Retiree 2002 Administrator
Smith, Jerry Spouse of Retiree    
Smith, Patricia Retiree 2005 Support Staff
Storey, Kate Current Employee   Professional Staff
Szewczyk, Pat Current Employee   Faculty
Tastad, Donna Current Employee   Support Staff
Tucker, Ann Retiree 2009 Administrator
Tyler, Susan Current Employee   Support Staff
Vandrey, Phil Retiree 2007 Faculty
Vitkus, Mary Current Employee   Support Staff
Vitkus, Sev Retiree 2007 Support Staff
Wagener, Pam Current Employee   Faculty
Walters, Chuck Current Employee   Faculty
West, Jim Retiree 2007 Support Staff
West, Nancy Retiree 2008 Professional Staff
White, Nora Retiree 1989 Professional Staff
Wilkinson, Bill Retiree 2009 Administrator
Williams, Rebecca Current Employee   Support Staff
Wilson, Ann Current Employee   Professional Staff


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