Security & Miscellaneous Regulations

Security Notice - 2/18/15

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office was notified that a former student, Larry Daniels, made a threat against the Kishwaukee College community.  Mr. Daniels is currently incarcerated in Dane County, Wisconsin.  However, based on information we have received, he may be released sometime in the future.  The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department is working directly with Kishwaukee College and Dane County on this matter. The situation is being closely monitored by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office with campus safety and security a top priority.

The purpose of this Security Notification is to ensure the College community is aware of the situation and to provide direction should a member of the College community observe Mr. Daniels on campus.  If you observe Mr. Daniels on campus, please dial 911 and ask that the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office be notified immediately.  Do not approach or interact with Mr. Daniels.

Photo: Larry Daniels

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office at ext. 5420.

Campus Security

In order to maintain a safe campus environment and to be in compliance with section 485 of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Act; and the State of Illinois Campus Security Act (Public Act 88-629), Kishwaukee College publishes this Annual Security Report on security policies, procedures, and campus crime statistics for 2010-2012.

Kishwaukee College Annual Security Report 2015

You can view a copy of the College's Security Report in PDF format.

A hard copy of the Annual Security Report which contains this current catalog section on campus security policies and procedures and also reports criminal offenses occurring on campus and at authorized off-campus activities is available from the Dean of Student Services Office, C2129.


Parking is provided on campus for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Students may park in locations that are not restricted by posted signs for other purposes. While students are not required to have a parking permit, they are expected to observe the traffic regulations contained in the Motor Vehicle Regulations booklet available in the Business Office. Faculty and staff must display a parking permit to park in staff only lots.

Reserved parking for those temporarily or permanently handicapped is permissible at those locations posted by sign. Special handicapped parking permits must be obtained from the Business Office.

The parking lots are patrolled and tickets issued to violators of parking and traffic regulations. Violators may be fined, have their vehicles towed at their expense, and be subject to the penalties established by the Traffic Board and Board of Trustees. Violators are expected to pay fines promptly or to initiate appeals. Those not paying fines will be subject to record restrictions, loss of enrollment privileges, and other sanctions.

College Identification Cards & Community Library Cards

IDs are made in the Library. A photo ID, such as a State ID or Driver's License, and established student status, such as a student schedule, are needed to obtain a College ID. There is no charge for the original card. A fee of $10.00 will be charged to replace a lost card.

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