Board of Trustees Policy Manual



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Policy Reference No. Category Title


Personnel General

Abandonment of Position (Failure to Report to Work)
Chronic Communicable and Infectious Disease Policy
Closing of the College       Inclement Weather       Emergency Closing
Compensatory (Comp) Time   
Conduct and Appearance
Background Investigation
   2.13.07 Discipline Policy
Domestic Partnership
   2.13.08 Drug/Alcohol Usage & Testing
Educational Loan Default Policy
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Employment        Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action Policy        Nepotism        Probationary Period        Resignation
Ethics Policy/State Gift Ban Act
   2.13.13 Evaluations
   2.13.14 Harrassment/Discrimination
       Employee Sexual Harassment Policy
Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
   2.13.16 Holiday Schedule        Holiday Pay        Holiday's Falling During a Vacation
Insurance - Property, Casualty & Liability        Health Insurance        Life Insurance
   2.13.18 Jury Duty Compulsory Witness
   2.13.19 Leaves        Bereavement Leave        Disability Leave        Family & Medical Leave        Leave Without Pay        Military Leave        Personal Business Leave        School Visitation Leave        Sick Leave        Other Leaves        Fitness Examination Following a Layoff or Leave
   2.13.20 Outside Employment
   2.13.21 Personnel Records
   2.13.22 Salaries
   2.13.23 Spoken English for Faculty
   2.13.24 Supplemental Retirement Insurance Plan
   2.13.25 Taking Classes During Working Hours
   2.13.26 Tax Sheltered/Deferred Income Plans
   2.13.27 Teaching Classes at Kishwaukee College (Non-Faculty Employees)
   2.13.28 Travel Policy
   2.13.29 Tuition Reimbursement
   2.13.30 Tuition Waivers for Employees Taking Kish Coursework
   2.13.31 Verification of Employment
   2.13.32 Voting Time Off
   2.13.33 Whistleblower Policy
   2.13.34 Worker's Compensation
   2.13.35 Working Hours
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