Tutoring Services

When you need a little extra help

Learning Skills Center (LSC)

The Learning Skills Center at Kishwaukee College provides FREE tutoring services for Kishwaukee College students and testing services for Kishwaukee College students and community residents.

Location: A1300
Phone Number: 815-825-9377

Tutoring Availability Will Begin September 5, 2016

Tutoring Services

Tutoring for Kishwaukee College students is regularly available in the following academic areas: mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, philosophy, and English. One-on-one assistance in study skills is also available.  Review sessions for beginning algebra and intermediate algebra occur weekly.  Tutoring schedules are available in the Learning Skills Center and in myKC.  Tutoring services are free, and no appointment is necessary.

Writing Lab

The Writing Lab can answer all writing-related questions for any course, helping to build self-confidence in the writing process.  One-on-one and small group assistance is available. No appointment is necessary, but recommended for lengthy assignments.

Computer Lab

A 12-station academic computer lab is provided for academic purposes. All machines are Windows PCs and run a variety of software programs used in college courses. Food and drinks are prohibited in the lab.