Adult Education

Adult Education offers a variety of preparation classes to prepare you for the high school equivalency tests. Subject areas include reading, writing, social studies, science, math and the Constitution with emphasis on their practical applications and the total development of the learner. Individualized instruction, cooperative learning, and computer-assisted instruction enhance the learning experience.

Basic Skills Improvement classes provide instruction and literacy development in the following subject areas: reading, writing, science, social studies, mathematics, and the Constitution. Instruction in life social skill areas such as employment, community resources and consumer education is also included.

Classes are available at Kishwaukee College and throughout the college district. GED Testing is also available.     GED Resources      Contacts

Basic Education & High School Equivalency Program Contact

Tricia Wagner
Office: C1222

Right to Succeed Program

The Right To Succeed Program focuses on educational and support services for students 16-21 years old who have dropped from school. Free classes in basic skills improvement, high school equivalency preparation, life skills and career exploration including field trips provide opportunities for students to succeed. Students are encouraged to further their education after high school equivalency completion. Counseling and referrals to other programs and services are available to students.

Contact Information

Amanda Poturalski
Office: C1212

Family Literacy Program

This program offers on-site childcare with educational activities for children whose parents are attending Adult Basic Education, high school equivalency preparation classes or ESL classes. The program emphasizes reading readiness and language development skills. Parents are able to attend field trips, participate in parent-child learning activities, and parent training workshops.

Contact Information

Carla Raynor
Office: C1220

High School Equivalency Test

High School Equivalency (GED) testing is available through Testing Services at Kishwaukee College.